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Practical Guide To Successfully Hire and Leverage Freelancers in M&A Teams

M&A Freelancers can bring your deal sourcing and execution to the next level. But how can you leverage them in the best way possible?

Due Diligence Checklist for India – What you should pay attention to

India boasts the 6th largest GDP of any country in the world, and is projected to soon overtake China as the country with the largest population. But for investors, India is still a rough sea to navigate. In this article, Abhilash Aneja, a local M&A advisor, takes us through the specific resources to consult when conducting Due Diligence on Indian targets.

10k in 37 minutes: How Freelancing changed the life of this Dutch-Kenyan banker

Naomi Roba was on the brink of a successful, traditional investment banking career: ING, Rothschild, Goldman. But why did she choose to be a freelancer instead – and how is she using the free time it created in her life to make the life of others better?

Getting AdTech venture Bolderly ready for Funding

Bolderly wanted to get ready for their seed round. So they turned to Fintalent to help them with a talent that has seen both sides.

5 Crypto-Takeaways from EtHCC in Paris

What was there to learn from the hottest Ethereum conference this summer? Nadia Sergejuk shares her insights.

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Case Studies

Buy-side M&A leader for Belgian MedTech innovator QbD Group

The right M&A freelancer for a MedTech buy-side project? No problem.

Case Studies

CFO for a Lifepal, a fast-growing online marketplace in Indonesia

A CFO for a fast-growing internet scaleup in Indonesia? No problem for Fintalent.

A dispute after an earn-out Blog

The key issues of earn-outs, and how to avoid them

Earn-outs are a popular tool in for structuring M&A deals, and are getting more popular by the year. But they’re not without challenges. So how can we avoid the most common pitfalls of earn-outs?


4 Key Skills of Corporate M&A Professionals (According to them) [Survey]

What are the core skills that Corporate Development and M&A professionals need to be successful?

ESG Investing - ripe for an update? Podcast

ESG Investing – Ripe for an update? With Kora-Cora Krause

ESG has an image problem. Countless scandals and transparencies have led to the public throwing shade on the entire ESG sector. But is it justified? And what is the value of ESG in a world where social, environmental, and governance issues seem to be more prevalent than ever?

Being strategic about M&A - From Origination to Execution Blog

Inside M&A: From Origination to Execution [Survey]

How strategic do corporations approach their M&A deal flow? And is M&A crucial for the successful execution of their corporate strategy? We surveyed M&A leaders to learn more.


Inside M&A: How Corporate M&A Leaders collaborate inside their organization [Survey]

We surveyed our community of Corporate Development leaders about their work. In part 1, we’ll be diving into the inner works of the M&A department.


Salary Guide For Freelance M&A Consultants [Infographic]

Investment bankers demand high salaries. So what happens when they decide to go freelance?

Tiana Whitehouse - Open IC Podcast

Compliance as FinTech Revenue Engine

How can we leverage regulation to our advantage in FinTech?

Bitcoin Credit Card Blog

How crypto could turn into a mainstream VC Vertical

VC investments in crypto have gained significant traction. But is it safe to say that they are a mainstream VC vertical, yet?

Equity Stories, Storytelling, and how crucial they are for M&A Podcast

Equity Stories, Storytelling, and how crucial they are for M&A

Are VCs really that smart in the current environment? In this episode, we talked about convincing equity stories, and how brands and storytelling can have a crucial impact on your M&A success.

Fintalent OpenIC Podcast

Due Diligence for Startups, PE vs. VC, M&A in the ESG space and more

The OpenIC is back with a new format. This week, we’re tackling the hot discussion points in the M&A space.

PropTech startup Case Studies

Getting pitch deck of PropTech startup VC-ready

Fintalent delivered a CFA charterholder to add financial fundamentals to the early-stage startup’s pitch deck.

Daniel Cunha, Mercado Bitcoin, on the OpenIC podcast Podcast

The big crypto consolidation

Mercado Bitcoin has recently completed a number of M&A and CVC deals. In this episode, we talked to Daniel Cunha, who’s responsible for Corporate Development at 2TM (The mother company behind Mercado Bitcoin) how he approaches the market from an M&A lense, and what crypto has to offer in LATAM – and vice versa. 


When M&A meets rocket science: Managing deals in complex supply chains

Semiconductors are pretty close to what you might consider rocket science. But how do you navigate such complex supply chains when sourcing and executing M&A deals?

Sasja Beslik on the OpenIC Podcast by Fintalent Podcast

From war refugee to ESG pioneer: Sasja Beslik

Sasja Beslik is one of the most influential men when it comes to sustainable finance: more than 200.000 people follow his hot takes on social media.

Sendinblue M&A, Steffen Schebesta Podcast

Winning in MarTech through M&A

Sendinblue is the most exciting European MarTech player. And through a healthy mix of buy and build, they’re more than a worthy competitor to the big US players.

Litera M&A Podcast

Building a LegalTech powerhouse through M&A, with Haley Altman

Haley Altman is a one-person M&A swiss army knife: The lawyer found her entrepreneurial calling early in her career, and it led to her company being acquired by Litera – a LegalTech product platform.

Case Studies

ESG & Impact investing consultant for Private Equity firm

The German IT provider needed external help to handle a small buy-side transaction with senior guidance.

Case Studies

Supporting M&A of German Enterprise client with Associate level specialist

The German IT provider needed external help to handle a small buy-side transaction with senior guidance.

Case Studies

Setting up M&A practice for Silicon Valley software company

The fast-growing accounting software company needed a seasoned professional to set up their M&A initiatives.

Jeff Baker, Paysign Podcast

Moving from M&A to CFO with Jeff Baker

Few M&A professionals move to a CFO role. But why is that, and how can M&A leaders interpret the role?

Kison Patel, Dealroom Podcast

From M&A to Entrepreneur (and back): The Kison Patel Story

Kison Patel is the face behind the popular knowledge platform M&A Science, and he’s also running the M&A project management platform Dealroom. Kison and I …

Ana Serdarevic, Aon Podcast

Insuring Deal Risks – Ana Serdarevic, Aon

There are unlimited risks in an M&A transaction – and it’s key to insure the ones we can’t eliminate. Ana Serdarevic, Head of M&A and …