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Chuck Adams, Operational Due Diligence

Operational Due Diligence: A Primer

This article provides a primer to understanding ODD deeper; the areas and categories will likely need to be modified and adjusted depending on the industry

M&A Due Diligence

M&A Due Diligence: The Guide

The devil is in the details. Effective Due Diligence can contribute to the best M&A deal outcomes. This guide will explore M&A due diligence and

Buy Side M&A Process in 10 Steps

M&A Process: The Ultimate Guide

This comprehensive guide examines the entire M&A process, looking at its definition and scope, and the various roles and responsibilities involved. It also explores the

Frank Münster, sonnen

Inside M&A at… sonnen

sonnen powers the renewable transition. Now, they aim to add anorganic growth to their ambitious strategic initiatives.

Inside M&A at… Viessmann Investment

Climate Tech and a family-run business that doesn’t integrate – a formula for M&A success? Timo Tauber, Managing Director at Viessmann Investment GmbH, gives us

Equity Waterfall

Equity Waterfalls: 3 Harmful Mistakes to Avoid

Rising private equity fundraising is causing more managers to use complex profit-split structures, known as Private Equity Distribution Waterfalls, which can harm investor-manager relations. Proper

M&A Technology Landscape 2022 Preview Image

M&A Technology Landscape 2022

Which technology providers move the M&A industry? We’ve collected the first edition of the M&A technology landscape.


What Research Says About M&A Synergies

Potential future synergies are the main argument behind many consolidation efforts. But how positive are these synergies when put to the test? In this article,

VW Hero Image

How ESG is taking over the M&A Process

ESG has become an important consideration in the entire M&A deal cycle. In this article, Dr. Steffen Blase, who’s leading Group M&A at Volkswagen, provides

The Little Guide on Valuation

     “At 10 times revenues, to give you a 10-year payback, I have to pay you 100% of revenues for 10 straight years in dividends.That

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Remote M&A Talent-as-a-Service

Changing Working Habits The rapid escalation of COVID-19, resulting in unprecedented levels of social distancing measures, isolation and quarantines, is forcing white-collar employees to work