M&A Mavericks: Tuluhan Erdemi – From Corporate M&A to independent consultant

Tuluhan Erdemi, former Head of Corporate M&A at n26 and M&A Manager EMEA at PwC, unpacks his shift into M&A freelancing – and offers a glimpse into the agility and independence this career path brings.
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In this series, we present the stories of M&A freelancers from the Fintalent community.

One could say that Tuluhan Erdemi ditched corporate caution for M&A freelancing. He initially kickstarted his career at EY Turkey, and eventually led corporate M&A at neo-bank n26. Now based out of Frankfurt, Germany, he then embraced consulting on his own terms.

But why?

Tuluhan chose to freelance for its agility and freedom, especially aiding firms without in-house M&A structures. He focuses on tech and healthcare.

Freelancing in M&A offers more flexibility, Tuluhan says.
Freelancing in M&A offers more flexibility, Tuluhan says.


M&A freelancing’s future looks bright, Erdemi says. He sees a post-COVID world hungry for nimble, savvy consultants.

Q: How did you start your M&A career?
A: I began my M&A career at EY Turkey after studies in Switzerland. I had prior experience in asset management and chose to explore M&A. I focused on healthcare and retail sectors.

Q: What was your favorite deal?
A: I found an acquisition of a tech consulting firm in the MENA region by PwC most interesting. It involved negotiating across different business cultures and was a significant deal for PwC.

Q: Buy-side or sell-side: What do you prefer and why?
A: I prefer buy-side for its broader interaction spectrum, especially with internal functions. I feel I add more value there.

Q: What part of the M&A process do you enjoy most?
A: I enjoy reviewing business plans and financial models. Understanding the business model and market benchmarks is fascinating.

Q: Why did you go into freelancing?
A: Freelancing offers speed and independence. In corporate structures, decision-making can be slow. I wanted agility and autonomy.

Q: What kind of customers do you focus on?
A: My focus is on buy-side clients, particularly in technology and healthcare sectors. Most of these firms lack permanent M&A capabilities.

Q: What services do you deliver?
A: I handle the identification of potential targets, negotiations, and due diligence coordination. I also liaise with advisors.

Q: How do you differentiate yourself?
A: I bring experience from both sides of the M&A table and focus on specific sectors. I aim to be objective, solution-oriented, and have a market perspective.

Q: Future of freelancing in M&A?
A: Freelancing in M&A will grow. Corporates often lack permanent M&A teams and freelancers offer a flexible solution. This trend is especially pronounced post-COVID.

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