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Freelance Project Management Office (PMO) Consultants
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8 years experience | Senior



Thomas Anderson

Freelance Project Management Office (PMO) Consultant

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5 years experience | Manager

United States


Michael Robinson

Freelance Project Management Office (PMO) Consultant

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12 years experience | Senior



Olivia Martin

Freelance Project Management Office (PMO) Consultant

Hire Fintalent

15 years experience | Senior



Sarah Garcia

Freelance Project Management Office (PMO) Consultant

Hire Fintalent

20 years experience | Senior



Sophia Williams

Freelance Project Management Office (PMO) Consultant

Hire Fintalent

16 years experience | Manager



Thomas Moore

Freelance Project Management Office (PMO) Consultant

Hire Fintalent

30 years experience | Senior



Ava Martinez

Freelance Project Management Office (PMO) Consultant

Hire Fintalent

6 years experience | Associate

United Kingdom


Joseph Anderson

Freelance Project Management Office (PMO) Consultant

Hire Fintalent

10 years experience | Senior

United States


David Garcia

Freelance Project Management Office (PMO) Consultant

Hire Fintalent

2 years experience | Analyst



Charlotte Robinson

Freelance Project Management Office (PMO) Consultant

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6 years experience | Senior



John Brown

Freelance Project Management Office (PMO) Consultant

Hire Fintalent

22 years experience | Senior



Jane Brown

Freelance Project Management Office (PMO) Consultant

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Guide to hiring the right Project Management Office (PMO) consultant

What does a Project Management Office (PMO) consultant do? And how can you find the right one? Learn more in our hiring guide for Project Management Office (PMO) consultants.

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Frequently asked questions

A freelance Project Management Office (PMO) consultant is an independent professional who assists organizations in managing their Project Management strategies. They offer project portfolio management, process optimization, governance, risk management, and resource allocation services. They can help your organization create new or optimize their existing PMO processes.
Your organization might need a Project Management Office consultant for their expertise and guidance. They can improve project management practices, achieve strategic objectives, and navigate complex projects or transformations. PMO consultants bring valuable insights and best practices to optimize project efficiency and deliver profitable results. Ultimately, a PMO consultant can help your organization maximize project success and overall operational excellence.
There are 3 main categories of project Management Offices (PMOs). The role of these PMOs depends on an organization’s specific needs and goals. Directive PMO (D-PMO) – Directive PMO has the highest level of authority and control over projects within an organization. It sets standards for processes to manage and execute projects directly. Supportive PMO (S-PMO) – A Supportive PMO primarily supports and guides project managers and teams. It offers templates, best practices, and training resources to assist in project management activities. Controlling PMO (C-PMO) – They are known for effective project management roles. A Controlling PMO establishes standardized processes, monitors project performance, and ensures alignment with organizational objectives.
Both the Freelancer and Full-Time PMO Consultants have their own pros and cons. However, hiring a freelancer as a Project Management Office consultant can be more beneficial than hiring a full-time PMO consultant. Freelancers are more flexible because you can use their expertise according to your specific needs. They will save you from extra costs as you are only paying during your project time. This flexibility lets you adapt to the changes in your projects quickly. Furthermore, freelancers are highly innovative and bring improved ideas to your project strategies. They don’t tie you down to a long-term contract and can work according to your specific needs.

We operate world-wide and have clients in North America, Europe, APAC, and MENA.

Pricing depends on seniority, location, and project duration. For our pricing structure, please refer to our Pricing page.

Hiring guide to find the perfect Project Management Office (PMO) consultant

The business landscape is evolving rapidly, and organizations are adapting to new strategies. In order to stay ahead of the competition, you must choose the right Project Management Office Consultant

The right PMO consultant can make a big difference in your project success rate. So, you must choose carefully according to your business and project’s needs.

This guide will help you find the perfect PMO consultant for your organization’s needs. We will also dive into detail about PMO in the context of M&A deals.

So, whether you’re starting a new PMO or improving an existing one, let’s find the right Project Management Office Consultant.

What Exactly is a PMO?

A Project Management Office (PMO) is a structured function within an organization. This department maintains project management standards, practices, and processes. They make sure all projects are done the right way and are aligned with the organization’s goals. A PMO consultant also ensures that your business follows governance rules and policies to avoid potential legal issues. 

PMOs help the organization run efficiently. They navigate and improve the organization’s five success factors – Governance, Integration and alignment, Processes, Technology & data, and People.

How can a Freelance PMO Consultant help your business?

A freelance Project Management Office consultant is a professional who can help you improve your organization’s management processes. They make strategies and assist businesses in achieving their desired goals without worrying about full-time commitment.

In other words, a PMO consultant is similar to a doctor who diagnoses the company’s project management strategies. They identify potential risks and prescribe solutions to improve business processes and strategies. A good consultant can help you improve as well as create a new PMO for your organization.

Roles and Responsibilities of PMO Consultants

A PMO consultant can help your organization with:


A PMO consultant’s first job is to assess the organization’s current project management practices. They also check the state of any existing PMO. This involves evaluating processes, procedures, and the effectiveness of project delivery.

PMO Design and Setup

A reliable Project Management Office consultant helps organizations in establishing new PMOs. They provide assistance in designing the PMO’s structure, roles, responsibilities, governance framework, and complete setup. They can also help organizations to improve their existing PMOs.

Methodology and Documentations

PMO consultants assist in selecting or refining project management methodologies. They help create or update project management documents, templates, tools, and guidelines to ensure consistency and efficiency.

Training and Development

PMO consultants often provide training and development programs for project managers, teams, and PMO staff. This helps build the skills and competencies needed to manage projects effectively.

Change Management

Implementing or enhancing a PMO involves changes in the organization. PMO consultants assist in change management efforts by helping organizations communicate changes, manage resistance, and ensure smooth transitions.

Performance Metrics

PMO consultants help define key performance indicators (KPIs) and establish measurement frameworks to track project and PMO performance. This data-driven approach enables continuous improvement.

Governance and Oversight

PMO consultants are responsible for establishing or enhancing governance structures and reporting mechanisms. They ensure that projects align with the organization’s strategic goals and receive appropriate oversight.

Vendor and Tool Selection

If the organization needs project management software or tools, PMO consultants can assist in selecting the right solutions and ensuring they integrate seamlessly with existing processes.

Project Recovery

In cases where projects are at risk of failure, PMO consultants can step in to evaluate the situation. They develop recovery plans and provide guidance to bring projects back on track.

Key Characteristics of a Freelance PMO Consultant

An effective PMO consultant comes with a combination of skills, traits, and qualities. These skills help them handle any type of project effectively and excel in their role.

  • Strategic Thinking: Good PMO consultants are skilled in understanding and aligning with the organization’s goals. They make effective strategies to mitigate risks and increase profit.
  • Strong Verbal and Written Communication: Your PMO consultant should have practical communication skills. It helps them convey complex ideas, create documents, and effectively guide project teams.
  • Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills: They should have strong analytical and problem-solving skills. It will help the PMO consultant identify the problems and provide effective solutions.
  • Client-Focused and Results-Oriented: A Good Consultant prioritizes the client’s objectives and delivers measurable results. 
  • Change Management Expertise: They are skilled in navigating organizational changes and implementing new practices. A good PMO consultant can make effective strategies to adapt to organizational changes.
  • Adaptability and Flexibility: A freelance PMO consultant must be adaptable and Flexible. It will allow them to customize their approaches according to the specific needs of each organization.
  • Technical Proficiency and Continuous Learning: They are proficient in project management tools that can help your organization stay tech-savvy. Furthermore, a PMO consultant is always ready to learn new things and brings expertise to your projects.

How do PMO Consultants Contribute to M&A Activities?

A skilled PMO consultant can be a valuable asset in M&A advisory for both the buy-side and the sell-side. M&A transactions involve complex integration processes, and a well-structured PMO can help manage these processes efficiently. Here’s how a PMO consultant can contribute to M&A activities:

Due Diligence and Integration Strategy:

The PMO consultants assess the target company’s project management strategies using their Due Diligence consulting expertise. Once the evaluation is complete, the consultant makes and executes a suitable integration strategy. They help define the scope, objectives, and key milestones of the project.

Resource and Budget Management:

Freelance project management consultant help allocate necessary resources to integration projects more effectively. They suggest skilled personnel and manage financial resources like budget and cost-saving processes.

Risk Assessment:

PMO consultants identify potential risks and challenges associated with the M&A process. They develop risk mitigation plans to address these challenges proactively.

Technology Integration:

PMO consultants play a vital role in overseeing the integration of IT systems, ensuring data migration and infrastructure alignment.

Managing Organizational Changes:

A Project Management Office consultant can develop change management plans to address and manage processes to ensure a successful transition. They communicate with the team to share the vision and promote engagement among employees.

Communication and Stakeholder Management:

PMO consultants establish clear communication channels to keep stakeholders informed and engaged throughout the process. They manage relationships with employees, customers, and regulatory authorities.

Post-Merger Integration:

Once the merger and acquisition is completed, PMO consultants conduct post-integration evaluations to assess the integration’s success. Additionally, they identify improvement areas and create optimized business strategies.

PMO In a Nutshell

Selecting the right freelance Project Management Office consultant is a critical decision. It can impact the success of your organization’s projects and strategic initiatives.

When choosing the right PMO consultant, focus on their relevant experience, communication skills, and adaptability. Look for candidates with a proven track record in your industry who can easily work with your team. Check whether they have the flexibility to tailor solutions to your needs. Additionally, you may ask previous clients for feedback to know more about the consultant. Conduct Interviews and don’t hesitate to ask questions. Ultimately, you want a result-driven freelance project management consultant who is committed to your organization’s success.

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