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Say goodbye to last-minute hiring and project pressure.
And hello to the future of Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A).

Hire former M&A bankers from bulge bracket, elite boutiques or global management consultancies across 2,900 industries. Our invite-only community allows you to hire full-time Corporate Strategy and M&A professionals or to build your team of independent M&A advisors and freelance Strategy consultants within 48 hours and on-demand. Get access to the world’s top 0.1% mergers and acquisitions (M&A) specialists.

Fintalent® platform is the easiest and fastest way to hire the best M&A and Strategy professionals. Every Fintalent is exclusively invited and undergoes a rigorous selection process.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Strategy
  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital
  • FinTech
  • Investment Management

From long-lists to end-to-end transactions: the future of M&A starts here

Whether you are considering an acquisition, merger or divestitures, our Fintalents are here to support you along the entire transaction process. Our Fintalents have worked on both sides - sell-side as well as buy-side transactions. They are able to assist you in identifying the right acquisition targets, support you with company valuation, the due diligence process and help you to execute in the most efficient way.

Bolt-on acquisitions, LBO or fund modeling: this is our home turf

We understand that GPs and LPs rely on a thorough investment-decision process. Identifying new portfolio holdings or acquiring smaller targets for their portfolio holdings to drive top-line growth, enhance returns and unlock value is key.

Our Fintalents cover more than 2,900 industries, allowing access to M&A professionals with the right technical and industry knowledge. Whether it is healthcare, infrastructure, real estate or SaaS, you will be able to find the right Fintalent to support you with the financial modeling and deal execution.

We love and breathe FinTech: Bring it on, bring it on!

We are not here to brag with buzzwords. On our platform you will find actual hands-on fintech, insurtech and blockchain professionals that fully understand their domain. Some of them are even product guys, combining the best of both worlds.

Adding value for institutional investors and family offices

With more than 100 CFA Charterholders our Fintalent community will support you with undertaking macro research or fundamental bottom-up securities analysis, and assist you in your investment selection and decision process across different asset classes. Fintalents have a particular expertise in ESG/ Impact investing, alternative investments, public and private equities and debt instruments, commodities, FX and cryptocurrencies.

Why Fintalent?

Trusted Network

Every Fintalent is exclusively invited and vetted.

Ready in 48h​​​

Hire efficiently. Your M&A team is ready in 2 days or less.​​​​

Specialized Skills​

Fintalents are best-in-class - and specialized in 2,900+ industries.​

Code of Ethics​​

We guarantee highest integrity and ethical principles.​​​

Join our happy Clients, Fintalents and Partners!

See what they are saying about Fintalent.

“I love freelancing because it gives me the option to choose projects where I know I will have the most impact and it gives me great flexibility to design a life that works for me. For example, by allowing me to work from different locations. I also love building client relationships a lot!”

Udayan Mittal
ex-McKinsey, ex-Ebay, ex-JP Morgan | Cambridge, Yale & LSE alum is a unique M&A platform matching corporates, VCs, family offices and advisors with top M&A talents. On-demand and agile – with that offering the company is right at the heart of M&A innovation and solving daily challenges in the M&A project business.

Dr. Steffen Blase
Head of Mergers & Acquisitions of Volkswagen AG

“Working with Fintalent on different projects has been an enjoyable and professionally rewarding experience. I have worked on interesting projects, with international talents who have provided quick and transparent communication while working at hours convenient to me.”

Lee Ngyuen
Investment Associate at 500 Startups

I’ve experienced first hand how companies struggle to staff talent with real industry expertise. Meanwhile, overworked M&A professionals fail to build a pipeline of suitable projects. I am confident Fintalent community focused approach is perfect to solve this mismatch, enabling both faster staffing and a sustainable lifestyle in professional services.​

Valentín Rivas Vera
Strategy Director at Lyntia​ is a platform, where you can augment your projects with high potential strategy and M&A professionals efficiently and fast. The company provides an offering that is unmatched in the industry. The old school way of doing strategy projects and M&A are things from the past, is here to fundamentally change the way companies run high-impact projects.

Seyfi Melik Salmi
Senior Director Corporate Development & Strategy at SAP

Having worked more than a decade in Corporate M&A I would have wished for a platform like to exist years ago in order to deal in a very flexible and cost- and time-efficient way with our buy-side transactions staffing requirements with top tier M&A experts.

Alexander Mora, CFA
Partner at Ingeniam, former COO/ Head of M&A of DWS Group

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Buying or Selling a Business comes with many pitfalls that are avoidable if you have the right roles filled in your M&A team with professionals with experience within these types of transactions. This short guide takes you through some of the key roles in any M&A team.

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