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Hire former M&A bankers from bulge bracket, elite boutiques or global management consultancies across 2,900 industries. Our community allows you to hire full-time Corporate Strategy and M&A professionals or to build your team of independent M&A advisors and freelance Strategy consultants within 48 hours and on-demand. Get access to the world’s top 0.1% mergers and acquisitions (M&A) specialists.

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»From first contact to project start took us only two weeks. Now, we're already talking to potential targets!«

Bart van Acker, CEO, QbD Group

»Fintalent is a unique M&A platform that matches corporates, VCs, family offices, and advisors with top M&A talents. They are right at the heart of M&A innovation and solve daily challenges in the M&A project business.«

Dr. Steffen Blase
Head of Mergers & Acquisitions of Volkswagen AG

»I’ve experienced the struggle to staff talent with real industry expertise firsthand. Fintalent solves that gap with super fast staffing for M&A projects, and offers a sustainable project pipeline for professionals as well.«

Valentín Rivas Vera
Strategy Director at Lyntia​

»Our Fintalent is exceptional: Because of their on-the-ground experience, they have helped us both with strategic and hands-on questions. Now we really feel ready to raise our funding round.«

Juan Monterrey, Bolderly
Juan Monterrey
CEO, Bolderly