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At Fintalent.io, the talents choose their rates and directly negotiate with you, the client. Learn more about our pricing model.
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What’s your business model?

You contract the freelancer through us. Fintalent.io invoices you 100% of the rate, and pays out 80% to the freelancer. Example: If the agreement is 150$/h, you pay us 150$/h. We pay out 120$ to the freelancer. No hidden fees. Transparent and fair pricing for both sides.

How long is a typical project? When can I cancel?

The typical project length on our platform is 3-6 months, but shorter and longer projects are of course possible.

How many talents do you have on your platform?

We currently have over 3,000 M&A and Private Equity professionals on our platform.

What are the payment terms?

We facilitate the payment and contractual part, you can directly negotiate rates with the talent on flexible terms.

What do talents typically charge?

These are the current average hourly rates per seniority on our platform:
• Analyst: $110
• Associate: $130
• Manager: $160
• Senior: $180

Before I post a project, I'd like to know X?

Just send us a quick message in the chat, we reply very fast!

What sectors do you have expertise in?

Our talents provide detailed information about their sector experience, categorized in 2,900+ sectors.

Fintalent Sectors

What regions do you work in?

You can access our talent community globally, in 40+ countries.

Fintalent Regions

Our Fintalent was incredible. He always went a layer deeper. We now consider Fintalent a partner on all our new projects.