Flexible M&A Deal Staffing

Flexible M&A Deal Staffing

M&A talent to support or lead any deal. Just when you need it.

Get access to 2,000+ M&A and Private Equity professionals and freelancers. Our ex investment bankers and Corporate Development professionals can lead or support any deal, with hourly, daily, or full-time commitment. In 40 countries and 2,900 sectors.

Freelance Flexible M&A Deal Staffing Consultants
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Fintalent is the fastest way
to access hyper-specialized M&A consultants

Get access to the best M&A and Private Equity professionals for to build up your pipeline, execute deals, or build your flexible M&A team.

Full Flexibility

Maximum flexibility

Hire your Fintalent on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis – just like you need them. 

Personal Service, tech-enabled

Fast through technology

We’re M&A experts, and through our platform, it takes less than 48 hours to connect you to the right and available professionals.


2,000+ talents, specialized in M&A

Select granularly from 2,900 sectors, 40 countries, and exact seniorities.

How our M&A staffing platform works

Process of finding a Flexible M&A Deal Staffing consultant

Create your project

Post your project and requirements on our online platform to access 2,000+ M&A professionals.

Receive your shortlist

We invite and shortlist a personal selection of the best professionals for the project.

Interview & chat

You can directly contact your shortlisted candidates, invite them for interviews, and agree on project details.

Access our network of tier-1 M&A and Private Equity consultants

• Available
Freelance Flexible M&A Deal Staffing Consultant


Managing Partner, Athena Consulting Partners
13 years experience | Senior | Edison, NJ, USA
• Available
Freelance Flexible M&A Deal Staffing Consultant
Senior Investment Banking Analyst
4 years experience | Associate | Cyprus
• Available
Freelance Flexible M&A Deal Staffing Consultant
Independent M&A Advisor
11 years experience | Senior | Frankfurt, Germany
• Available
Freelance Flexible M&A Deal Staffing Consultant
Former Head of Investment Management and M&A (Magyar Telekom Plc.)
21 years experience | Senior | Budapest, Hungary
• Available
Freelance Flexible M&A Deal Staffing Consultant
Biotech / Medtech Advisor
18 years experience | Senior | Madrid, Spain
• Available
Freelance Flexible M&A Deal Staffing Consultant
M&A Consultant
6 years experience | Associate | San Francisco, CA, USA

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Full Guide to M&A Freelancers - Who are they and how to work with them

Interested in working with a freelance M&A consultant? In this guide, we’ll explain the skill set and qualifications of M&A freelancers, and what the process of working with them can look like in practice.

What does an M&A freelancer cost?

Our Fintalents define their own rates. They include the charges for our platform. We believe in 100% transparent pricing, with no surprises.

For our projects, you can choose between hourly, daily and full-time pricing – whatever works better for the project you have in mind.

Want to get an estimate of an hourly rate? Check out our salary guide and our pricing page or schedule a call with us.

Project Pricing

How much do we charge?
20% of talent rate
  • Talents choose their own rate
  • 2,9% goes to Stripe, Mastercard, Visa
  • 5% goes to our talent community
  • 12,1% goes to Fintalent
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