Navigating the First Merger: YogaEasy’s Successful Post-Merger Integration Journey

Proactive Post-Merger Integration Strategy Paves the Way for YogaEasy's Expansion and Growth


Henrike Fröchling, the CEO of YogaEasy, had ambitious dreams of expanding her online yoga platform both organically and through a buy-and-build strategy. She had identified Ekhart Yoga as an ideal candidate for acquisition but recognized the challenges of integrating a new acquisition, especially as it was her first time venturing into the M&A market. The most critical hurdles included avoiding common merger mistakes, bureaucratic obstacles, and ensuring a smooth transition for loyal customers of both brands.


Branka Dessens, introduced to Henrike by, was tasked with providing a comprehensive Post Merger Integration (PMI) strategy and plan prior to the acquisition. Unlike most scenarios where a consultant’s advice is sought after challenges become apparent, Branka had the opportunity to strategize in advance. The approach included crafting a solid strategy, conducting a cultural assessment, and actively involving both teams in the planning process. The goal was to ensure everyone felt valued and heard, creating a robust compass that would guide YogaEasy and Ekhart Yoga through potential integration pitfalls while allowing room for joint growth and success.


Six months down the line, the proactive PMI strategy resulted in a successful integration plan that aims to ensure minimal impact on the teams and customers. A key part of that was a cultural assessment that aims at facilitating mutual understanding and respect among the combined workforce. This strong compass ensures YogaEasy and Ekhart Yoga are able to navigate the post-merger period effectively, thus facilitating further growth and success.

The merger will enable YogaEasy to scale their tech costs better and expand their network with more international yoga experts. The successful project led Henrike to describe the process as exciting, gratifying, and inspiring, likening it to discovering a new family branch. She also emphasized the importance of having expert advice to guide through the process. Looking ahead, YogaEasy plans to further expand its services and products, offer more live events, and continue building a robust European family for online yoga.