Krista Morgan - WSL Podcast

Early-stage Private Equity!? And The Story Behind Stage.

Stage wants to do venture investing with a Private Equity mindset. What does that mean, and what are the challenges behind the model?

3,300 investments and counting: Building businesses with empathy

Techstars is one of the largest accelerators of the work. How does their CEO approach investing and growing young businesses?

Developing American Express through strategic M&A [Full Interview]

How does Amex approach strategic M&A and build their pipeline?

VC through the lens of an ex-banker

How does it feel to raise venture capital – especially when you used to be a banker?

Venture Capital Investing Into Circular Economy For A More Sustainable Future

How can Venture Capital accelerate the sustainable transition?

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VC Decision Making Podcast

How to break into VC and how to build a founder network – The Wall Street Lab Podcast

Early-stage VCs invest in founders – so far, so obvious. But what does it mean in practice? In this episode of the Wall Street Lab, Andi interviews Srecko Dzecko, GP at Flash Ventures from Berlin, about exactly that.

Nicolai Chen Nielsen leadership Podcast

What is great leadership? And how do we get there? With Nicolai Chen Nielsen

Effective leadership is the single most influential factor for great performance in small and large organizations alike.

Nicolai Chen Nielsen Podcast

From Startup To Organization: How Leadership Scales Up Around Different Maturity Levels

In our interview with Nicolai Chen Nielsen, you’ll get a thorough primer on the concept of organizational health, and how leaders influence the success of their companies.

ESG Investing - ripe for an update? Podcast

ESG Investing – Ripe for an update? With Kora-Cora Krause

ESG has an image problem. Countless scandals and transparencies have led to the public throwing shade on the entire ESG sector. But is it justified? And what is the value of ESG in a world where social, environmental, and governance issues seem to be more prevalent than ever?

Tiana Whitehouse - Open IC Podcast

Compliance as FinTech Revenue Engine

How can we leverage regulation to our advantage in FinTech?

Equity Stories, Storytelling, and how crucial they are for M&A Podcast

Equity Stories, Storytelling, and how crucial they are for M&A

Are VCs really that smart in the current environment? In this episode, we talked about convincing equity stories, and how brands and storytelling can have a crucial impact on your M&A success.

Fintalent OpenIC Podcast

Due Diligence for Startups, PE vs. VC, M&A in the ESG space and more

The OpenIC is back with a new format. This week, we’re tackling the hot discussion points in the M&A space.

Daniel Cunha, Mercado Bitcoin, on the OpenIC podcast Podcast

The big crypto consolidation

Mercado Bitcoin has recently completed a number of M&A and CVC deals. In this episode, we talked to Daniel Cunha, who’s responsible for Corporate Development at 2TM (The mother company behind Mercado Bitcoin) how he approaches the market from an M&A lense, and what crypto has to offer in LATAM – and vice versa. 


When M&A meets rocket science: Managing deals in complex supply chains

Semiconductors are pretty close to what you might consider rocket science. But how do you navigate such complex supply chains when sourcing and executing M&A deals?

Sasja Beslik on the OpenIC Podcast by Fintalent Podcast

From war refugee to ESG pioneer: Sasja Beslik

Sasja Beslik is one of the most influential men when it comes to sustainable finance: more than 200.000 people follow his hot takes on social media.

Sendinblue M&A, Steffen Schebesta Podcast

Winning in MarTech through M&A

Sendinblue is the most exciting European MarTech player. And through a healthy mix of buy and build, they’re more than a worthy competitor to the big US players.

Litera M&A Podcast

Building a LegalTech powerhouse through M&A, with Haley Altman

Haley Altman is a one-person M&A swiss army knife: The lawyer found her entrepreneurial calling early in her career, and it led to her company being acquired by Litera – a LegalTech product platform.

Jeff Baker, Paysign Podcast

Moving from M&A to CFO with Jeff Baker

Few M&A professionals move to a CFO role. But why is that, and how can M&A leaders interpret the role?

Kison Patel, Dealroom Podcast

From M&A to Entrepreneur (and back): The Kison Patel Story

Kison Patel is the face behind the popular knowledge platform M&A Science, and he’s also running the M&A project management platform Dealroom. Kison and I …

Ana Serdarevic, Aon Podcast

Insuring Deal Risks – Ana Serdarevic, Aon

There are unlimited risks in an M&A transaction – and it’s key to insure the ones we can’t eliminate. Ana Serdarevic, Head of M&A and …

Vik Sasi, Dreamers VC Podcast

The Role Of Celebrity VCs (Interview with Vik Sasi, Dreamers VC)

Celebrity VCs get a bad rep. Rightly so? Vik Sasi would disagree: He’s a partner at Will Smith’ Dreamers VC – and he talks about the strategy behind dreamers, and how they try to help minority entrepreneurs.


The Future Of Freelancing (and how it affects M&A)

In this episode of the Open IC, we talk to the godfather of freelancing, Jon Younger.

Podcast Alina Podcast

Consultant by day, author by night: How Alina taps into her creativity

Alina is a senior strategy consultant at EY Parthenon, and she’s also published her own novel. Alina and I discuss how we can tap into our creativity, and how she combines her two passions.

Frank Cespedes Fintalent Podcast Podcast

Sales in M&A: Harvard Sales Expert breaks down how to screen and integrate Sales organizations

Sales is often the last consideration when it comes to a successful merger or acquisition. Frank Cespedes, Harvard professor and internationally recognized Sales expert, breaks down why that is a huge mistake – and how we can fix it.