The big crypto consolidation

Mercado Bitcoin has recently completed a number of M&A and CVC deals. In this episode, we talked to Daniel Cunha, who's responsible for Corporate Development at 2TM (The mother company behind Mercado Bitcoin) how he approaches the market from an M&A lense, and what crypto has to offer in LATAM - and vice versa. 
Daniel Cunha, Mercado Bitcoin, on the OpenIC podcast

Crypto is the fastest moving industry in the world, and new technologies erupt pretty much every day. Worldwide, a number of players have emerged to take part in that eruption – marketplaces, technology providers – it’s a complete ecosystem.

Welcome to the Open IC, the show where we talk to the movers and shakers in M&A, the teams behind the deals, and how the deals really went down. This show is brought to you by, the hiring and project platform for M&A and Strategy professionals.

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