What is great leadership? And how do we get there? With Nicolai Chen Nielsen

Effective leadership is the single most influential factor for great performance in small and large organizations alike.
Nicolai Chen Nielsen leadership

In part one of our conversation with Nicolai Chen Nielsen, we dove into the importance of leadership, and why it impacts organizations.

In this episode, we’re going practical. This will be interesting for you if you’re leading an organization – big or small – yourself, or if you have to lead post-merger integration projects and consider the leadership element of them.

You’ll find answers to questions such as:

  • How do we build good leadership?
  • How does adult learning interact with the power dynamics of leadership?
  • Who is responsible for implementing leadership?
  • How do we measure the success and effectiveness of leadership development?
  • How do we make sure personality doesn’t get in the way of good leadership?
  • Why do you need a leadership model?
  • How do we bridge the leadership gap (gap between strategic business outcomes and what is being reached)
  • How to deal with difficult individuals in the change process
  • How vision, mission, strategy play together in an effective leadership model

… and what does Tony Robbins have in common with the leadership development of McKinsey?

Listen to the full episode here: