Venture Capital Investing Into Circular Economy For A More Sustainable Future

How can Venture Capital accelerate the sustainable transition?
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Our guest today is Danielle Joseph. Danielle is a Managing Director and leads the Closed Loop Ventures Group platform – the seed and pre-seed investment division of Closed Loop Partners – focused on the circular economy. She is also a Board Member of several companies.

Prior to Closed Loop Partners, Danielle worked on clean energy project finance activities, including clean energy, energy efficiency, waste-to-value, water resources and reclamation, and environmental services.

Danielle earned her MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business where she led the GSB Impact Fund, an early stage investing platform for impact-driven companies. Danielle earned her Bachelor of Arts from Pomona College.

Danielle is a mentor with Built By Girls – an organisation preparing the next generation of female leaders, builders and creators.

What we’ll talk about in this episode

  • What is the circular economy, and how can it help reduce waste in supply chains?
  • How Venture Capital and other asset classes can help accelerate the sustainable movement
  • What qualifications philosophy majors have to become VCs
  • How to balance the traditional VC investment thesis with ESG impacts
  • VC portfolio concentration and how to manage it for sustainability
  • The impact of the current market environment for circular investments
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