How to build your tier-1 M&A and Strategy team within 48 hours?

Our platform provides the easiest way to hire global M&A and Strategy talent. Every Fintalent is exclusively invited and undergoes a rigorous selection process.

1. Pick from more than 2,900 industries

Post your project or permanent job conveniently via our client dashboard. We will quickly discuss your needs with you. 


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2. Receive your personal shortlist of tier-1 M&A and Strategy talent

Don’t worry, we are an invite-only platform. All our Fintalents are pre-vetted, hand-selected, and we have talked to every Fintalent before shortlisting them. 

3. Schedule an interview

Conveniently schedule a call and find the best fit for your project or role you are trying to fill.

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4. Hire and build your team

Hiring and contracting in a few minutes.

Need to hire multiple, cross-functional teams? No problem! We’ve got you covered!

5. Manage team, payments, and project inside the platform

Transparent time-tracker to the minute.

Easily manage your team, track your billings and achievements
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