How it works

How to find M&A freelancers through the Fintalent platform

Learn more about the process of finding professionals for your buy-side M&A execution, integration, and transformation projects through Fintalent.

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The short summary

Process of finding a How it works consultant

Create your project brief

Sign up and create a short brief for your project in 2 minutes. We will use this brief to invite the right professionals for the job. Posting the project is free!

Receive your shortlist

We will shortlist a selection of 3-6 candidates for your project within 48 hours or less.

Interview & chat

You can directly contact your shortlisted candidates, invite them for interviews, and agree on project details.

Submit your briefing in 1 minute

You submit a short briefing on the skillset, location, seniority, and experience you’re looking for. It shouldn’t take more than 1 minute and is entirely free.

Receive a personal selection

Based on your search, our platform provides you with a personal selection of M&A professionals that fit your search profile and are available to join your pool. Not happy? Just drop a message and you’ll receive a new selection.

clientdb screen shortlist

Connect with the talent and add them to your pool

Now it’s up to you – chat with the talent or schedule a meeting on our platform. If it’s a match, just add them to your pool and work together whenever your project starts. We handle the invoicing and pay outs for you.

Client Portal After Show talent

Frequently asked questions

There are no upfront costs. You only pay once you’ve decided to work with a freelancer.

Fintalent is your contractual partner. You pay us the full amount and we arrange pay outs with the freelancers.

We have 3,000+ freelancers on our platform and surely have a consultant that can support your needs.

We have plenty of example profiles on the website! If you want to find a more specific consultant, please go ahead and submit your project brief. It’s free of charge and only takes your 5 minutes. You just need to sign up and within a couple of hours you’ll receive the first shortlisted candidates.

Projects come in all sizes – please go ahead and post your brief.

We have consultants in pretty much any part of the world on our platform, so chances are that we can help you.

We take 20% of the talent rate. We send the client an invoice, and pay the talent 80% of the invoiced amount out.

You can apply to be a part of the platform here.

These are some of our Freelancers

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