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Understanding Behavioral Dynamics in Investing – Dr. Daniel Crosby

In this episode, Dr. Daniel Crosby, a renowned expert in behavioral finance, joins us to discuss key topics shaping the investment landscape. From the ongoing debate between passive and active investing to the biases exhibited by portfolio managers, we delve into the complexities of decision-making in the financial world. We also explore the rise of retail trading platforms, such as Robinhood, and the implications of their gamified features. Discover the fascinating connection between personal well-being and financial choices, and gain insights into the WallStreetBets phenomenon. Join us for thought-provoking discussions that shed light on the intricate relationship between psychology and investing.

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Michaela Hitzberger, ista

Charting the Course for Decarbonizing Real Estate: Inside Strategy at ista

Michaela Hitzberger, the CTO and Head of Corporate Strategy at ista, shares the excitement and challenges of defining corporate strategies for a rapidly evolving industry. She discusses her team’s focus on projects, strategic planning, and their notable successes in new product development. Offering insights into the potential career paths within her team, she emphasizes the unique opportunities and significant industry-wide impacts that working in ista’s corporate strategy offers.

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Understanding IT Services & Software M&A Trends in 2023Q1: An Outlook

The business of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is cyclical, fraught with highs and lows that often leave market players grappling to plan their next move. Whether it’s competitors acquiring smaller firms or large foreign investors entering new markets, this unpredictability is inherent to the M&A scene. This is particularly true for the IT services and software industry.

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Inside M&A at… Viessmann Investment

Climate Tech and a family-run business that doesn’t integrate – a formula for M&A success? Timo Tauber, Managing Director at Viessmann Investment GmbH, gives us an inside look into their M&A department.

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Equity Waterfall

Equity Waterfalls: 3 Harmful Mistakes to Avoid

Rising private equity fundraising is causing more managers to use complex profit-split structures, known as Private Equity Distribution Waterfalls, which can harm investor-manager relations. Proper structuring and modeling can prevent these issues and preserve harmonious relations and value creation efforts.

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What Research Says About M&A Synergies

Potential future synergies are the main argument behind many consolidation efforts. But how positive are these synergies when put to the test? In this article, Dr. Godswill Osuma reviews the academic literature.

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E-commerce Due Diligence: How To Ensure Successful Deals

From DTC to marketplaces and Shopify: E-commerce requires a fundamentally different Due Diligence approach than brick-and-mortar stores. In this article, Max Mishin breaks down the fundamentals for analyzing e-commerce businesses, and ensuring successful deals from start to finish through effective ecommerce due diligence.

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VW Hero Image

How ESG is taking over the M&A Process

ESG has become an important consideration in the entire M&A deal cycle. In this article, Dr. Steffen Blase, who’s leading Group M&A at Volkswagen, provides an introduction to the most important ESG considerations in the M&A process.

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Indian business men

Due Diligence Checklist for India – What you should pay attention to

India boasts the 6th largest GDP of any country in the world, and is projected to soon overtake China as the country with the largest population. But for investors, India is still a rough sea to navigate. In this article, Abhilash Aneja, a local M&A advisor, takes us through the specific resources to consult when conducting Due Diligence on Indian targets.

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Best paying jobs in Finance

Best Paying Jobs In Finance: Comprehensive List

The finance industry is renowned for its high-paying jobs and attractive compensation packages. A career in finance can be lucrative, stimulating, and competitive, with roles varying from asset management to investment banking. But which roles actually offer the highest salaries?

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Daniel Cunha, Mercado Bitcoin, on the OpenIC podcast

The big crypto consolidation

Mercado Bitcoin has recently completed a number of M&A and CVC deals. In this episode, we talked to Daniel Cunha, who’s responsible for Corporate Development at 2TM (The mother company behind Mercado Bitcoin) how he approaches the market from an M&A lense, and what crypto has to offer in LATAM – and vice versa. 

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5 Key Roles Every M&A Team Needs To Fill

Buying or Selling a Business comes with many pitfalls that are avoidable if you have the right roles filled in your M&A team with professionals with experience within these types of transactions. This short guide takes you through some of the key roles in any M&A team.

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