M&A Technology Landscape 2022

Which technology providers move the M&A industry? We've collected the first edition of the M&A technology landscape.
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Technology has become an integral part of the M&A process. But even with platforms like G2, it’s hard to keep an overview of all the technology providers in the market.

In this first edition of the M&A technology landscape, we’re trying to map all the providers of M&A technology in the following categories:

  • M&A Data resources
  • Virtual Data Rooms
  • Integration software
  • Deal pipeline management
  • Deal CRM
  • Deal marketplaces
  • Scouting
  • Shortlisting
  • Talent

Who is featured in the M&A Technology Landscape 2022

While we attempt to provide a full picture of current M&A technology providers, we have applied the following criteria:

  • Needs to be either specialized on M&A or have a relevant track record in the M&A industry
  • Needs to be technology-based or strongly tech-enabled

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M&A Technology Landscape 2022
M&A Technology Landscape 2022 – Click on the image to view a bigger version

Virtual Data Rooms

What is a Virtual Data Room?
Virtual Data Rooms (VDR) are used to securely store information that both parties in an M&A deal can safely access. A VDR facilitates communication and an effective due diligence process.

Value proposition: Accelerates M&A due diligence with automated setup and easy file management. Offers bulk file uploads, document-based workflows, integrated AI redaction, Zoom integration, and stringent security and data privacy in the industry, Intralinks is the only major VDR provider that has been certified ISO 27701 compliant.
Location: United States

Value proposition: AI-powered insights on bidder behavior and motives. Security and control over documentation, ability to trak and destroy documents no matter where they’ve been saved or sent.
Location: Australia

Value proposition: Flat fee pricing, unlimited data rooms, 24/7 customer support. Strong clientel supporting this product (UBS, deloitte, glencore, KPMG)
Location: Canada

Value proposition: Most secure VDR and document management software on the market. SSAE16 Type II and ISO 27001 certified. Strong customer service. Intuitive product, easy to learn and apply. Clientel (Microsoft, BoA, Google, Comcast, EY)
Location: United States

Virtual Vaults
Value proposition: Simplicity and organization.
Location: Neatherlands

Value proposition: Organization, intuitive use, easy to communicate/share, and industry-leading security. Clientel: Deloitte, KPMG, EY, CITI, Accenture
Location: United States

Value proposition: Intuitive platform, bulk ‘drag and drop’, and high security standards. Clients: Moody’s Analytics, Nomura, Pfizer, KPMG, Cerberus
Location: England


Value proposition: Say goodbye to endless emails and multiple software tools that don’t connect up. Trackers keeps everyone on the same page – both your client and your deal team. Just link your tracker to your index for a single source of truth – two clicks that’ll save you many hours.
Location: United States

Value proposition: Have your data room up and running within 2 minutes. Access unlimited users, 10GB storage, and 24/7 support starting at $500/month.
Location: United States

Talent Resources

M&A talent resources are platforms or job boards specifically designed to attract full-time or part-time M&A professionals.

Value proposition: On-demand staffing platform specifically designed for Corporate M&A and Private Equity.
Location: England / Liechtenstein

Value proposition: Career search platform specific for financial companies
Location: England

Value proposition: Provides different platforms depending on the level of professional ranking.
Location: England

Circle Square
Value proposition: Recruits specifically for financial positions.
Location: England

Value proposition: Exclusively for senior and executive positions
Location: Germany


Shortlisting providers help identify potential targets for sell- or buy-side M&A transactions.

Value proposition: DealCircle is offering technology-based M&A-Solutions for M&A Advisors and Buyers. Very well connected in the DACH region, to family office and other potential buyers.
Location: Germany

Value proposition: Automated screening process, strategic search criteria, and dashboard to organize shortlist profiles.
Location: Switzerland


Scouting solutions help identify targets for buy-side M&A transactions.

Value proposition: Community: connects M&A Advisory, PE, Corporate M&A, CEOs, and other professionals.
Location: Netherlands

Value proposition: Track & manage strategic corporate scouting portfolios. Uses scouting software to utilize findings & offerings.
Location: Israel

Value proposition: Our platform enables the world’s most important organizations to make technology decisions quickly and with confidence.
Location: United States

M&A Data Resources

M&A Data Resources can help identify, analyze, and compare potential buyers or sellers, and support pretty much any other part of an M&A process with relevant data.

Value proposition: Resource of comprehensive data on global capital markets, private & public markets, and priopretary research.
Location: United States

Value proposition: Network of M&A journalists, industry contacts, and analysts. Provides access to a large database of M&A deals and PE Firms: including current portfolio, historical exits, potential investments, firm profile, historical advisor and investment relationships, and rival bidders.
Location: United Kingdoms

“Orbis” by Bureau Van Dijk
Value proposition: Information on over 300 million companies across the globe with 42 milion being private companeis with having detailed financial information.
Location: Headquarters in Brussels

S&P Capital IQ
Value proposition: 30+ years of excellence, 29+ million reports, and 50+ million companies analyzed. Provides analysis, visualization tools, and expert insights.
Location: United States

Factset Mergers/Corporate Governance
Value proposition: Provides global M&A information for over 500,000 mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and spin-offs, of both public and private companies. Instant access to financial data and analysis. Updated daily
Location: United States

Value proposition: PE/M&A database which focuses exclusively on private equity, corporate, and M&A advisors.
Location: United States

Value proposition: Offers several platforms, Eikon: historical data, analyses, and financial news. SDC Platinum: New Issues, M&A, Syndicated Loans, PE, Project Financing, Takeover defense, Shareholder Activism, and more. Refinitiv Quantitative Analytics: integrated quantitative analysis and investment data.
Location: England

Value proposition: Most comprehensive database of startup ecosystems in Europe.
Location: Netherlands

Value proposition: Focus on bootstrapped, founder-owned companies. Large private company database.
Location: United States

Integration software

Integration solutions facilitate a seamless post-merger integration process, either on the technological side, or the process side.

Value proposition: Complete M&A deal management, easy-to use, step-by-step breakdown of the M&A process.
Location: United States

Value proposition: Provides a scalable connectivity framework; easy low-code tools to design and build integrations, an API to let you create any UI/UX desired or a simple methods to launch and deliver integrations directly inside the SaaS application.
Location: England

Value proposition: Easy use & adoption, reporting & analysis, and real-time integration.
Location: United States

Smartsheet M&A
Value proposition: Can scale from a single project to end-to-end work management, connecting business on a cloud-based platform , and enterprise grade security
Location: United States

Value proposition: Easy to use, data-driven architecture, and transparency to streamline M&A integration.
Location: Germany

Deal pipeline management

Deal pipeline management solutions facilitate the internal alignment and overview on the current deal pipeline.

Value proposition: Organization, dynamic progress report, and customizable playbooks.
Location: United States

Value proposition: Easy to create analytics about your pipeline performance, activity, results, and share them internally with investors or clients.
Location: United States

Value proposition: Alignment of multi-functional teams, “living” playbook, and real-time collaboration
Location: United States

Value proposition: M&A Lifecycle Management Platform. Align your team on priorities and achieve more value.
Location: United States

Deal marketplaces

Deal marketplaces match buyers and sellers of (primarily online) businesses.

Value proposition: Buy an online business, become an acquisition entrepreneur, and invest in digital real estate.
Location: Australia

Value proposition: Focus on selling micro SaaS and indie projects.
Location: United States

Value proposition: Targets small and medium businesses.
Location: England

Value proposition: Expert team who will guide you through every step, buying or selling.
Location: United States

Value proposition: Expertise in buying/selling of tech businesses.
Location: United States

Value proposition: Transparent pricing and brokers take on the financial risk, sells pay $0 until the sale is complete
Location: United States

Deal CRM

Deal CRMs help organize relevant stakeholders in an M&A transaction and keep track of communication.

Value proposition: Easy to use, focus on organizing deal flow.
Location: United States

Microsoft Dynamics
Value proposition: AI-generated predictive insights, connectivity, and organization.
Location: United States

Affinity CRM
Value proposition: Automates every contact, company profiles, and calendar data. Time-saving funtionality.
Location: United States

Value proposition: Extensions, easy use with other platforms, and organization
Location: United States

Value proposition: Flexible sales management
Location: Israel

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