Introducing Neo Boutiques: Meet the all-new talent dashboard

The new platform makes the application process more transparent and allows you to connect with others to form Neo Boutiques.
Introducing the new talent dashboard
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We’re excited to share our new Talent Dashboard with you. With this new version, we’re bringing Neo Boutiques to the global M&A market, along with a user experience that makes our project platform super transparent and easy to use.

Neo Boutiques: Specialized M&A teams, globally available

What are Neo Boutiques? A Neo M&A Boutique is a virtual team of specialized M&A professionals. Local, generalist M&A boutiques have it increasingly hard to serve a global, high-paced marketplace. Neo Boutiques are our answer to that – they are specialized, globally available, and highly flexible. Think of a team of local sector experts with previous sell- or buy-side M&A experience, that can originate, execute, or support any transaction.

While Neo Boutiques are the foundation for the future of, the new platform is already up and running with plenty of new features.

Connect with other M&A professionals

To propel our vision of Neo Boutiques forward, connectivity between professionals is key. That’s why we’ve introduced My Network: A new functionality that enables you to connect with other Fintalents on the platform. Currently, you can do that via email – but we’ll add functionality to explore the talent on the platform very soon.

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How the backend of your team looks like


Present yourself and your team to the world

As M&A freelancer, it’s difficult to differentiate yourself from traditional advisors. We will make that easier – by making it possible for you to present yourself and your Neo Boutique on the website. Potential customers will be able to find you online and directly inquire about your services and availability.

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Public Fintalent Profiles
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Full control over your visibility settings


Improved application transparency

It’s frustrating to apply for a job and not receive any feedback. That was the core issue we wanted to fix with our new platform. That’s why we introduced the My Applications tab, a Kanban-style board that shows you an overview of your current applications.

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Full transparency over current applications

We’ve also introduced Project detail pages, which make applying more transparent and easier. You can now always see the current state of your application, and find all details about the next steps to take on there, too. Plus, you can compare yourself to other talents who are in the process, too.

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