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Valutico is the world’s leading business valuation platform, trusted by more than 500 financial firms across 75 countries. M&A professionals use the award-winning software so they can value a company from start-to-finish in minutes, instead of days. Valutico provides access to 3TB of market-leading data, 9 powerful valuation methods (and 26 variations), as well as instant bespoke reports.

Key Features

Valuation is complex, so Valutico was developed to make it simple.

Using Valutico allows M&A professionals to avoid the pain of spending days finding suitable company data, checking calculations, and creating long reports.

Instead, Valutico’s all-in-one business valuation software, allows users access to almost 1 million transactions (about 500,000 private transactions), instant use of 9 leading valuation methods by just a single click, and downloadable bespoke branded reports.

Every step is thus made simpler, and it frees up finance professionals time.


Valutico is subscribed on an annual basis, as a price per license, with extra user licenses discounted, and multi-year subscriptions also discounted. There are a number of premium features that can be added on.

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