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Firmroom is “the world’s most intuitive Virtual Data Room”. From the makers of and M&A Science, it’s built upon security and ease-of-use first.

Key Features

The genesis of DealRoom was in a small office in downtown Chicago almost a decade ago. While running a boutique M&A practice, founder Kison Patel realized the standard tool for the M&A community was extremely inefficient.

Everyone was working in silos causing duplicate work, security and version control issues, and lack of big picture alignment. Lack of integration planning leads to a knowledge gap between due diligence and integration.

DealRoom was made with the purpose of performing an entire deal on one platform for teams who are willing to work together to source, close, and integrate faster.

While working with real-life M&A practitioners, we are continuously evolving DealRoom to be the ultimate project management tool that simplifies collaboration to conduct better M&A deals.

Our goal is to provide M&A professionals with the best technology to maximize value faster in every deal.


Starts at $495/month.

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