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Short description is a website that provides a platform for businesses to list and search for M&A opportunities. The platform allows businesses to create detailed listings of their company, including financial information and other key details, and connect with potential buyers or investors. It also offers a variety of resources for businesses looking to sell, such as information on valuation, due diligence, and legal considerations.

Key Features

– Targeted Buyers
After over 10 years of business, we’ve built up an extensive list of buyers of all kinds across every industry. If a buyer is out there for your business we will find them!

– State of the Art Marketing
We build a custom, secure, modern marketing package for your business that buyers love.

– Transparency
Brokers are notoriously opaque. What do they charge? What does the process look like? Who am I actually working with? These are common questions and at Business Exits we set out to be completely transparent.


Businessexits has not provided pricing information for their tool/service.

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Target group

End client (sell side) M&A advisory Private Equity


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