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11 years experience | Senior



Valentin Rivas Vera

Director of Strategy en lyntia

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20 years experience | Senior

United States


Uhriel Bedoya

Fintech | Banking | Financial Services Senior Exec, Operations Strategist, P&L Deliverer

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20 years experience | Senior



Sandrine Vergnory-Mion

Managing Partner at Shamrock Capital Partners

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28 years experience | Senior



Ralph Becker

Trusted Advisor, Interim Manager, Lawyer and Specialist Lawyer for Tax Law

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14 years experience | Senior

United States


Ryan Klinefelter

Managing Director | Hidden River

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13 years experience | Senior



Dali Chammari

M&A Consultant

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24 years experience | Senior



Florian Pahl

Senior Technology Analyst at TechMiners

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10 years experience | Manager

United States


Chuck Adams

Less Noise, More Flow | Buy-side M&A advisory | Design for Excellence (DfX) | Industrial & Transport

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30 years experience | Senior



Rainer Leu


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8 years experience | Senior




Client Engagement Manager at Visa Europe

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9 years experience | Manager



Alena Blank-Giwojna

Dr., MBA

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8 years experience | Manager



Frieder Barten

M&A Freelancer

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Guide to hiring the right Venture Capital consultant

What does a Venture Capital consultant do? And how can you find the right one? Learn more in our hiring guide for Venture Capital consultants.

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Frequently asked questions

Our Venture Capital consultants work with clients in 40+ countries. Our clients are Corporate Development divisions, Private Equity backed companies, and fast-growing ventures.
Fintalent is not a staffing agency. We are a community of best-in-class Venture Capital professionals, highly specialized within their domains. We have streamlined the process of engaging the best Venture Capital talent and are able to provide clients with Venture Capital professionals within 48 hours of first engaging them. We believe that our platform provides more value for Corporates, Ventures, Private Equity and Venture Capital firms, and Family Offices.
Our Venture Capital consultants have extensive experience in Venture Capital. Most of them have buy-side, sell-side M&A, or Private Equity experience. is an invite-only platform and we believe in the power of referrals and a closed-loop community. Members of our community are able to invite a small number of professionals onto the platform. In addition, our team actively scouts for the best talent who have experience in investment banking or have worked at a global top management consultancy. All of our community-referred talent and scouted talent are subject to a rigorous screening process. As such, over the last 18 months totaling more than 750 hours of onboarding calls, of which only 40% have received an invite-link after the call. Our Venture Capital consultants have experience in leading firms as well as interfacing with clients and wider corporate structures and management. What makes our Venture Capital talent pool stand out is the fact that they have technical backgrounds in over 2,900 industries.

We operate world-wide and have clients in North America, Europe, APAC, and MENA.

Pricing depends on seniority, location, and project duration. For our pricing structure, please refer to our Pricing page.

Hiring guide to find the perfect Venture Capital consultant

What is a freelance venture capital consultant?

A freelance venture capital consultant is an independent professional who assists venture capital firms and their portfolio companies in various aspects of the investment lifecycle, including deal sourcing, due diligence, value creation, and exit strategy. These consultants possess expertise in start-ups, financial analysis, operational improvement, and industry-specific knowledge. They work closely with clients to provide valuable insights, recommendations, and guidance to help them maximize the value of their investments and achieve their strategic objectives.

What does a freelance venture capital consultant do?

A freelance venture capital consultant’s primary responsibilities include:

  1. Identifying and evaluating potential investment opportunities that align with the client’s investment criteria and strategy
  2. Conducting thorough due diligence on target start-ups, including financial, operational, and strategic analysis
  3. Assisting in the development and implementation of value-creation initiatives for portfolio companies to improve performance and growth
  4. Providing support in the execution of exit strategies, including preparing for IPOs, trade sales, or secondary transactions
  5. Offering guidance on portfolio management and monitoring to help clients make informed decisions and manage risks

Why hire a freelancer for venture capital consulting?

There are several advantages to hiring a freelance venture capital consultant, including:

  1. Cost-effectiveness: Freelance consultants often charge lower fees compared to larger consulting firms, offering cost savings for clients with limited budgets.
  2. Flexibility: Freelancers can adapt to diverse schedules and workloads, making them ideal for short-term projects or when time-sensitive advice is needed.
  3. Expertise: Freelance consultants often possess specialized industry knowledge and experience, enabling them to provide tailored insights and guidance.
  4. Customization: Freelancers can offer a personalized approach, adapting their methods and deliverables to meet your organization’s unique requirements.

Which organizations can benefit from a freelance venture capital consultant?

A wide range of organizations can benefit from the expertise of a freelance venture capital consultant, including:

  1. Venture capital firms: These firms often require consulting services to identify and evaluate potential investments, manage their portfolio, and create value for their portfolio companies.
  2. Portfolio companies: Start-ups and early-stage companies owned by venture capital firms can benefit from the expertise of a consultant to help them improve operations, implement growth strategies, and prepare for exits.
  3. Angel investors: Individual investors who provide funding to early-stage companies may require the services of a venture capital consultant to identify and evaluate potential investment opportunities.
  4. Corporate venture capital divisions: Corporate venture arms of established companies may seek the advice of a venture capital consultant to optimize their investment strategies and portfolio management.
  5. Accelerators and incubators: Organizations that support start-ups through mentorship and resources may benefit from the insights and expertise of a freelance venture capital consultant.

What work experience should a freelance venture capital consultant have?

A qualified freelance venture capital consultant should possess a strong background in their respective industry and relevant work experience, including:

  1. Education: A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as business, finance, or economics, is typically required. An MBA or other advanced degree can be an added advantage.
  2. Industry experience: Prior experience in the target industry or sector is essential for providing valuable insights and context for the venture capital investment process.
  3. Venture capital experience: A background in venture capital, start-ups, or corporate finance is often preferred, as these roles typically involve deal evaluation, execution, and portfolio management.
  4. Analytical skills: Strong skills in data analysis, financial modeling, and valuation are crucial for effectively assessing potential investments and value creation opportunities.
  5. Communication skills: The ability to clearly and concisely present findings and recommendations to clients is essential.

In addition to these qualifications, consider the following questions when

hiring a freelance venture capital consultant:

How does the consultant support start-ups in refining their pitch to potential investors?

A compelling pitch is critical for start-ups seeking funding from venture capital firms. Ask the consultant about their approach to helping start-ups refine their pitch, focusing on aspects such as the business model, value proposition, and growth strategy to ensure it resonates with potential investors.

What is the consultant’s experience in preparing start-ups for fundraising rounds?

Understanding the consultant’s experience in guiding start-ups through various fundraising rounds, such as seed, Series A, or later-stage funding, can provide insights into their capabilities and success rate. Request case studies or references to assess their expertise in assisting ventures in securing funding.

How does the consultant leverage their network to connect start-ups with potential investors?

A strong network of investors is crucial for start-ups seeking venture capital funding. Inquire about the consultant’s connections within the venture capital ecosystem and their approach to introducing start-ups to potential investors, including their success in facilitating investment deals.

What strategies does the consultant recommend for start-ups to optimize their valuation and deal terms?

Securing favorable valuations and deal terms is essential for start-ups seeking venture capital funding. Ask the consultant about their approach to helping start-ups optimize their valuation and negotiate favorable deal terms, ensuring that both the start-up and the investor are satisfied with the transaction.

By considering these additional questions that focus on how venture capital consultants can help ventures acquire funding, you can gain a better understanding of the freelance consultant’s capabilities and expertise, helping you make an informed decision when selecting the right professional to support your organization’s venture capital objectives.

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