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Short description

SourceScrub is the leading Deal Sourcing Platform for dealmakers who want to use the most complete data, purpose-built tools and on-demand data operations to methodically find more opportunities and win more often.

Key Features

– Win more deals
– See opportunities more clearly
– Discover new prospects
– Build relationships early
– Fuel your CRM or Data Warehouse


SourceScrub has 3 pricing editions:

DISCOVERY – Essentials




”We’re measured on actionable, investable opportunities. And SourceScrub not only expands our ocean of opportunities, it also gives us the ability to fish with spears instead of nets. I honestly can’t think of the last opportunity that didn’t originate in SourceScrub.”

– LFm capital logo

”SourceScrub is the lifeblood of all my sourcing efforts and is something I can’t survive without. Gone are the days of manually looking up market maps, award lists, conferences, etc. SourceScrub aggregates all of that information for you and allows you to spend your time on higher value things like speaking to the companies that matter.”


”SourceScrub is a Growth Street partner, not a vendor. Its best-in-class data enrichment platform is perfect for the modern investment firm. Its system integrates seamlessly with Growth Street’s daily workflows. We are big believers in SourceScrub.”

– GrowthStreet

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Target group

Corporate M&A M&A advisory Private Equity Venture Capital


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