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Qmarkets is a software company that provides innovation management software, including idea management, crowdsourcing, and open innovation platforms for businesses and organizations. Their software allows companies to gather and manage ideas from employees, customers, and other stakeholders to drive innovation and improve business performance.

Qmarkets scouting is targeted to enhance the strategic corporate scouting portfolio.

Key Features

Seamless Scalability –
From best-practice-driven off-the-shelf product editions to fully-configured implementations for complex innovation needs, Qmarkets offers a perfect migration path from pilot to company-wide deployment.

Expert Guidance –
Qmarkets’ experts are committed to customer success, offering field-proven best practices, training, workshops, and strategic methodologies at every stage of the process to ensure the ROI of your project is maximized.

Unmatched Flexibility –
Whether at your fingertips through our advanced self-admin, or at the hands of our dedicated configuration experts, Qmarkets helps you transform your company’s innovation vision into a reality.


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Corporate M&A Private Equity


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