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Orbis is a resource for entity data, providing information on approximately 400 million companies and entities worldwide, with detailed financial information available for 41 million of them. It is a powerful tool for comparing data on private and listed companies.

Key Features

Research individual companies –
Orbis is the ideal tool to verify a company exists and to source company reports – you’re much more likely to find a company report on Orbis than on any other company database.

Orbis can provide you with comprehensive company reports, financial strength indicators and ownership information to help you research a company and assess risk associated with it.

Search for companies that fulfil your criteria –
You can choose from hundreds of search criteria and combine them to create very specific searches in Orbis.

With Orbis’s standardized formats, you can search for information on companies across regions and countries – using the same criteria. Orbis lets you use a single activity code when you search globally, because we’ve mapped international and local industry codes.

Identify and analyze peer groups –
Orbis gives you tools to analyse groups of companies so finding peer groups and comparing companies against each other is quick and easy.

Our standardised formats allow you to search and compare company information across regions and borders.

Data visualization –
Get graphs, dynamic company structures, pivot analyses and other types of visualization tools and analyses so you can understand your results in seconds.

Get as clever with data as you like –
Orbis has a contemporary interface that’s very clean and easy to use. But look closer and you’ll find hundreds of options that allow you to get really clever with data: customize alerts, do time-series searching, drill down into the financials to see how they’re calculated, create your own variables and classifications, add in your forecast data, use our Add-In for MS Office, it’s all possible using the standard menus.

Blend with your own data –
There are lots of ways you can start blending Orbis data with your own. Whether it’s simply downloading data into Excel or uploading your own data into Orbis, you can easily combine data. We can also help you use our APIs to enrich your own systems with Orbis data, and we can help with extensive master data management projects to help you combine siloed data and get a single customer view.


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