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Finquest is a fintech company that helps Private Equity and Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions teams source off-market, proprietary deals in the lower- and mid-market. Using the power of Data, AI & People, Finquest make over 100+ million private companies discoverable to potential investors and corporate buyers.

Finquest is headquartered in Singapore and has offices in New York, Toronto, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Bangalore, and Hong Kong.

Key Features

– Internal bias
Sourcing deals through internal networks and referrals limits your ability to have the widest angle on the market.

– Sell-side auctions
With multiple buyers bidding on the same opportunity, the chances of securing the right deal at acceptable terms are low.

– Buy-side deals
Advisors will do their best to get you to a transaction. But without wider access to data, you’ll never know if it’s the best deal for you – or whether the market has more to offer.

– Existing data
Working with the same data as all the other players won’t give you a competitive edge.




“Their approach is much faster than traditional advisors and their ability to quickly identify a much wider universe of small to medium sized businesses that weren’t on our radar is incredibly impressive”

– Niall MacNamara, Head of acquisitions, Mayborn

“The result outperformed our expectation, we were blown away with the amount of value finquest provided. The team identified players not on anyone’s radar and the turnaround to transform these into introductions was very quick.”

– Marc Hedemann Joosten, Head of M&A and Governance, Zedra

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