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Dealflow Brokerage is a website that offers a platform for buying and selling businesses. The site allows users to search for businesses by industry, location, and other criteria. Users can also list their own businesses for sale on the platform. The website appears to be targeted towards entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking to buy or sell a business. It provides the service of connecting buyers and sellers by matching their requirements and making the process simple and easy. Additionally, the website provides resources such as articles and guides on buying and selling a business.

Key Features

They prepare clients for exit –
Their professional M&A advisors will provide clients with an accurate valuation detailing each value driver, enabling them to make an informed decision. They will never advise clients to sell their website unless it’s truly in their best interest. In cases where the current market value of a client’s site is below their expectations, they will actively look at ways to improve the value of the business over time.

They find the buyers others can’t –
They actively source buyers for client’s websites. Beyond notifying their entire network, their analysts conduct research on thousands of companies who operate in related verticals to identify the ones that may have a strategic interest in acquiring their business. Once a shortlist of the most promising prospects has been finalized, the dedicated senior advisor will approach them privately with the aim of closing a deal above market price.

They take a team approach –
They assign a senior M&A advisor to lead the charge, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Clients have an entire team to support them through the sales process, from listing preparation to closing in escrow. Their team provides valuations, financial accounting & modeling, prospectus creation, market analysis, listing promotion & PR, outbound prospecting, deal negotiations, legal drafting, and asset transfer.


They charge the seller a 5% broker fee.

A membership fee for the buyer to have access to the dealflow and due diligence reports.

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End client (sell side)


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