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Short description

Deale is the first digital M&A platform in Europe that helps all stakeholders (SMEs, investors and advisors) to connect and find their business opportunity.

Key Features

Our tool gives an opportunity to all those companies that are looking for a generational change or that are looking for growth in their company. Investors have on the platform more than 1200 companies from different sectors that are looking for investors.
Advisors generate new business on our platform by expanding their client portfolio. Deale reduces the time to close deals by 50% and reduces the cost by half compared to the industry average.
In traditional M&A an average of 2 people manage about 1 deal, on the other hand, in Deale 1 deal manager with technology manages almost 20 Deals.


Users (investors, advisors and companies) pay a fee of 250€ per month and when a transaction is completed they pay 1% of the transaction value.

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Target group

Corporate M&A End client (sell side) M&A advisory Private Equity Venture Capital


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