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Acquisition marketplaces are online platforms that allow businesses to be listed for sale and for potential buyers to search and find businesses that meet their investment criteria. These marketplaces can be a valuable resource for M&A professionals as they provide access to a wide range of businesses that are available for acquisition. Acquisition marketplaces can include businesses of all sizes and across various industries, providing M&A professionals with a diverse range of potential acquisition targets. They also can provide access to businesses that may not be publicly listed or have a large online presence, making it easier for M&A professionals to identify hidden gems. On this page, you will find a range of online acquisition marketplaces, which can be searched by industry, location, and other criteria. These marketplaces can provide valuable information about businesses, such as financial information, market data, and industry reports to assist M&A professionals in their research and analysis. We hope you find these resources useful in your search for potential merger and acquisition targets.