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Short description is a website that provides a platform for businesses to list and search for M&A opportunities. The platform allows businesses to create detailed listings of their company, including financial information and other key details, and connect with potential buyers or investors. It also offers a variety of resources for businesses looking to sell, such as information on valuation, due diligence, and legal considerations.

Key Features

– Targeted Buyers
After over 10 years of business, we’ve built up an extensive list of buyers of all kinds across every industry. If a buyer is out there for your business we will find them!

– State of the Art Marketing
We build a custom, secure, modern marketing package for your business that buyers love.

– Transparency
Brokers are notoriously opaque. What do they charge? What does the process look like? Who am I actually working with? These are common questions and at Business Exits we set out to be completely transparent.


Businessexits has not provided pricing information for their tool/service.


Awesome work
”Business Exits did everything that needed to be done to sell my Amazon business. We got the highest possible price and the best buyer, and they actually found that buyer on day number one.”

– Sophie Howard
Ecommerce Entrepreneur

Fast and Straight-Forward
”Business Exits made selling our business easy, straight forward, and clear…which is really remarkable given the complexity of selling your business. I was most impressed at how FAST they got the deal done.

– Dale M.
Tech Entrepreneur, Brave New Code

High Quality
”After having worked with Business Exits, we were able to produce about 12 highly qualified offers. I’m happy with the sale, not only because of the price, but also because of the quality of buyer, and I know what I built is in really good hands.”

– Mack McConnell
CEO, Taster’s Club

More information

Target group

End client (sell side) M&A advisory Private Equity


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