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Short description is a marketplace and SaaS platform that connects businesses with potential acquirers and investors. The platform allows businesses to list their company for sale and provides tools for buyers and sellers to connect and negotiate deals. also offers a range of services to help businesses prepare for and execute a successful acquisition or investment. The platform is designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

Key Features

– Discover your dream startup

Search 1,000s of vetted startups to find your perfect match. Derisk potential acquisitions and project returns using key financial metrics. Be LOI-ready in as little as 30 days.

• Evaluate web, customer, and financial metrics
• Get help to acquire with financing through Boopos
• Easily create and send LOIs within the platform
• Filterable listings to help find your best fit

– Sell quickly, easily, and for the highest price

List your startup in front of 100,000+ potential buyers. Hire advisors to help manage and close your acquisition. Start conversations that lead to acquisition in as little as 30 days.

• Always free to list and sell – no commissions
• Over 100,000 vetted buyers to maximize your chances of acquisition
• Approved advisors to help secure the best outcome for you
• Always anonymous – you choose what to share and with whom
• Sync your web, customer, and financial metrics

Pricing is free for sellers.

Pricing for buyers:
– Platinum = $780/year
Acquire the best startups
Unlimited access to vetted startups of all sizes, including those we manage

For serial acquirers who want the biggest and best deals guided by experts

– Premium = $390/year
Reach out to founders to discuss acquisition
Unlimited access to vetted startups of up to $250,000 TTM revenue

For career entrepreneurs ready to find and acquire their next venture

– Basic = Free
Browse the marketplace to see what’s available
View public listings of all startups, including platinum and managed startups

For aspiring acquirers who want to browse before starting their search

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