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Fintalent is the go-to talent acquisition partner for M&A and Strategy positions for corporates, globally. From analysts to senior VP.

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We believe in the power of technology to unlock a better way to M&A recruiting.​

With our platform, you can fill full-time M&A roles, or staff your deal team when you need an extra hand.

Why we're your trusted talent acquisition partner

»Fintalent is a unique M&A platform that matches corporates, VCs, family offices, and advisors with top M&A talents. They are right at the heart of M&A innovation and solve daily challenges in the M&A project business.«

Dr. Steffen Blase
Dr. Steffen Blase
Head of Mergers & Acquisitions of Volkswagen AG

»I have worked with Fintalent.io both as a talent and as a recruiter. It helped me find a full-time position and supported the recruitment process to expand my new team. The experience and engagement of Fintalent.io and their team have always been incredible.«

Piotr Sliwa, EPAM Systems
Piotr Sliwa
Head of M&A | Europe, EPAM Systems

»We needed a VP of Finance / CFO profile to help put our fast-growing FinTech on the right track. Fintalent delivered more targeted profiles than I could have ever imagined, and they did it super fast. We’ve now hired our Fintalent full-time!«

Giacomo Ficari, Lifepal
Giacomo Ficari
CEO & Co-Founder, Lifepal

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