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Fintalent is the easiest way to hire global M&A talent for your deals. Every Fintalent is exclusively vetted.

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Get sector or local market expertise, fast

Our talents are categorized in 2,900 sectors, and we have detailed data about their sector, market, and deal experience. That means that you can add very specific expertise to your deal team, fast.

Get access to specific skillsets

Our talents have technical experience from top-tier investment banks. So no matter if you need someone to just crunch the numbers of a deal, or conduct a highly sophisticated analysis - we've got your back.

End-to-end deal experience

Need someone to strategize, originate, and execute an M&A deal? Our Fintalents are ready to go and have relevant end-to-end experience to make your M&A deal a success. Get access to top investment bankers!

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Trusted Network

Every Fintalent is exclusively vetted.

Ready in 48h​​​

Hire efficiently. Your M&A team is ready in 2 days or less.​​​​

Specialized Skills​

Fintalents are best-in-class - and specialized in 2,900+ industries.​

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We guarantee highest integrity, confidentiality and ethical principles.

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Post your project or permanent job conveniently via our client dashboard. We will quickly discuss your needs with you. 


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2. Receive your personal shortlist of tier-1 M&A and Strategy talent

Don’t worry, we are an invite-only platform. All our Fintalents are pre-vetted, hand-selected, and we have talked to every Fintalent before shortlisting them. 

3. Schedule an interview

Conveniently schedule a call and find the best fit for your project or role you are trying to fill.

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4. Hire, build your team and collaborate

Hiring and contracting in a few minutes. Need to hire multiple, cross-functional teams? No problem! We’ve got you covered!

5. Manage team, payments, and project inside the platform

Transparent time-tracker to the minute.

Easily manage your team, track your billings and achievements
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No matter if you’re looking for analysts, associates, or senior executives: Our Fintalent platform is the largest community for M&A professionals.