Vincent Georgel O'Reilly

Chief Executive Officer at VGO Partners

Luxembourg, Luxembourg


I am a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in the financial services industry, specializing in advisory and in-house M&A. My expertise extends to leading multi-jurisdictional acquisitions with a strong focus on driving value creation within the realms of asset servicing, asset management, and security services. My career has taken me across diverse markets, including the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, providing me with a global perspective on the financial sector. Key Highlights: Two Decades of Financial Services Experience: With a rich history of 20 years in the financial services sector, I have honed my skills and expertise in various aspects of the industry. Advisory and In-House M&A: I possess deep knowledge and hands-on experience in both advisory and in-house mergers and acquisitions. My track record includes successfully orchestrating complex transactions that have contributed to organizational growth and success. Multi-Jurisdictional Expertise: My career has been marked by leading acquisitions across multiple jurisdictions. This experience has afforded me a comprehensive understanding of international regulations, market dynamics, and cultural nuances, all of which are vital in navigating the complexities of global finance. Value Creation Focus: I am dedicated to driving value creation within the financial services sector. I have a demonstrated ability to identify strategic opportunities, implement innovative solutions, and optimize operations to enhance profitability and deliver superior client experiences. Global Perspective: Having worked extensively in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, I bring a global perspective to my work. This broad exposure has equipped me with a deep appreciation for diverse market dynamics and an ability to adapt to various business environments. Professional Accomplishments: Successfully led and executed a series of high-value mergers and acquisitions, resulting in significant business expansion and increased market share. Developed and implemented strategic initiatives to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance service quality within asset servicing, asset management, and security services. Maintained a strong track record of building and nurturing relationships with clients, stakeholders, and regulatory bodies across different regions. Contributed to the development of innovative financial products and services that align with evolving market trends and client needs. Geographic Experience: United States (US) Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) Asia My commitment to excellence, combined with my extensive knowledge and global experience, positions me as a distinguished professional in the financial services sector. I am dedicated to fostering growth, delivering value, and advancing the industry through strategic insight and unwavering dedication to my clients and organizations I serve. SKILLS: Leadership| Strategic Vision |Corporate Development| M&A| Contract Negotiation | Stakeholder Management | Due Diligence| Acquisitions | Executive Client Relationship Management | Revenue Growth | EBITDA | Products

Domain experience

Relevant Total Experience: 20 years

Seniority Level: Senior

Sector Experience: 

Banks Diversified Financials


Skilled in: Corporate Development, Commercial Due Diligence, Financial Due Diligence, Bolt-on acquisitions, Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), Buy-and-Build, Value Creation & Enhancement, Strategic Finance, Exit Strategy, M&A Marketing Materials, Financial Modeling, Company Valuation

Technical Skills: Salesforce, SQL, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Bloomberg, Microsoft Office, Capital IQ

Languages: German, English, French

Work Experience

VGO Partners

Chief Executive Officer



- Now

Senior Strategic and Industry Consultant – International Coverage Consulting | Investments | Management & Leadership | Strategy | Business development | Contract negotiation | Multi-Asset Class | Mergers and acquisitions | Executive relationship management | EBITDA | Products ❖ Industry - Financial Services industry - Strategic and Industrial Consulting, Due Diligence Review, Private Equity Investments, Early start up advisory ❖ Role - Hired/Retained by consulting and investment firms to advise on strategic review (sectorial and or geography) - Advise on potential acquisition targets ❖ Challenges / at stake - Identify paradigm changes specific of the financial services industry ( e.g. automation, fee pressure, growth or potential lack of..) - Target profitable growth area - Lead major complex projects from an industrial stand point - Carry out targeted acquisitions assessment ❖ Mission - Define key levers of value creations - Focus on defining “right to compete” by products, assets class or geography - Early identify macro and micro trends that will impact the financial services industry - Strengthen strategic partnerships - Implement review process of potential targets - Lead and integrate

Alter Domus

Group Executive Board Member



- 1/11/2022

Alter Domus

Global Head of Strategic Partnerships



- 1/11/2022

Global Head Of Strategic Partnerships – International Coverage ❖ Industry - Financial Services industry - Private Market - Fund Services Lead newly created division, focus on carve out, lift out and strategic partnerships ❖ Role - Hired by the CEO to create a newly form division, Strategic Partnership Group, focus on large 'new from new' growth opportunity - Lift out: Establish multi years contract, onboarding large, but often sub-scale operation to offer at scale resilience, footprint and ability to serve broader larger and complex products. - Carve out: Partner with existing market participants (e.g. banks or other financial institutions) to assess if their private market line of business is core. - Strategic Partnerships: establishment of solid partnerships with large market participants ❖ Challenges - Create and launch newly form business division - Target profitable growth areas - Lead major complex projects ❖ Missions - Define key levers of value creations and go to market strategy - Focus on defining “right to compete” by partnerships type - Early identify potential targets - Build internal branding for Strategic Partnerships - Implement review process and definition of success. Private Market | Investments | Management & Leadership | Strategy | Business development | Contract negotiation | Corporate Development | Executive relationship management | New Launch

State Street

EMEA Head Alternative Investment Solutions



- 1/4/2022

Member Of State Street Operating Group and State Street EMEA Management Committee - Senior Managing Director - EMEA Head Of State Street’s Alternatives Segment Details : ❖ Industry - Financial Services industry - Private Market - Fund Services Private Market, Management & Leadership, Executive Management, Revenue and EBITDA Growth, Talent Management, P&L ❖ Role - Managed a pan European P&L of circa. $250M in revenue - Develop and implement Share of wallet methodology to gain market share on existing clients - Provide strategic direction at EMEA level for hedge but also at global level for Private Market - Lead sales team and involved at granular level for large opportunities - Co lead product structuring and operations - Focus on hedge and private markets (PE, RA, PD)for traditional and alternative managers. ❖ Challenges - Define value proposition for private markets in a very competitive environment - Turnaround opportunity to capitalize on macro trend in private equity, private debt and real estate - Lead and mobilize workforce spanning multiple jurisdictions trough changes - Influence on diversity - Create new transformational clients relationships - Refine, modernize value propositions ❖ Results - Initiate and launch a new global Private Market strategy - Grow P&L above market rate - Revert loss of market share to gain - Increase EBITDA above targeted level of 30% - Hire, retain and promote key talents, taking into account key diversity needs Private Market | Investments | Management & Leadership | Strategy | Business development | Corporate Development | Executive relationship management | Revenue and EBITDA Growth | Talent | Management |P&L

State Street

Global Head Financial Institutions Group



- 31/1/2019

Senior Managing Director – Global Head Financial Institutions Group ❖ Industry - Financial Services industry - Fund Services - Banking Private Market, Management & Leadership, Executive Management, Revenue and EBITDA Growth, Talent Management, P&L Financial Institutions Group, Investment, Management & Leadership, Strategy, Business development, Network management, Executive leadership, Revenue and EBITDA Growth ❖ Role - Set up and lead an executive management program at the request of the CEO - Program includes revenue and expenses management opportunities - Global, spanning multiple jurisdictions - C-Suite oriented - Lead Strategic sales in a matrix environment ❖Challenges - Lead in often siloed organizations - Build ‘influence gravitas’ as much as showing ability to lead and execute - Generate revenue opportunities for my employer as much as leading careful expenses management - Create momentum, transparency and ownership mentality across the program participants (internally and externally) ❖ Missions - Manage P&L and focus on short terms balancing as well as long term plan - Recruit participants (large banks) t - Develop effective relationship at C-level within the participants banks - Cross selling - Build a team and infrastructure from scratch ❖ Results - Program fully launch after 6 months - Large revenue opportunities identified and executed (>$30M per annum) - Accretive to margin and EBITDA - Create transparency and accountability across the bank - Hire, retain and promote key talents, taking into account key diversity needs Financial Institutions Group | Investments | Management & Leadership | Strategy | Business development | Network management| Executive leadership | Revenue and EBITDA Growth | Talent | Share of wallet

State Street

Head of Strategic Initiatives (Sales)



- 31/1/2018

Led and co-led execution of global complex sale mandates (e.g. lift out) including financial engineering, strategy, and negotiation expertise. - Between 2014 and 2017, $300M worth of net new opportunities were realized

State Street

Head of Corporate Development



- 31/1/2014

Led Corporate development for the Asset Management, Securities Services and Markets divisions across EMEA and APAC. - Successfully led multiple transactions across regions, with +$500M revenue in aggregate

Groupe ADP

Principal Investment



- 31/1/2007

As an Investment Analyst with an infrastructure fund specializing in the airport sector, I played a pivotal role in identifying, evaluating, and managing investments in airport infrastructure projects. My responsibilities included: Due Diligence: Conducted comprehensive due diligence on potential airport investments, encompassing financial analysis, market research, and risk assessment. Financial Modeling: Developed intricate financial models to project cash flows, evaluate investment returns, and conduct sensitivity analysis, facilitating informed investment decisions. Market Analysis: Conducted extensive research within the aviation and airport sectors, analyzing passenger traffic data, industry trends, and competitive landscapes to identify investment opportunities. Valuation: Utilized various valuation methodologies, such as DCF analysis and comps, to determine fair asset values and assess acquisition prospects. Risk Management: Assessed and managed regulatory, operational, and geopolitical risks associated with airport investments, implementing mitigation strategies. Investment Committee Support: Prepared comprehensive investment proposals and presentations, articulating strategic and financial merits for review by the Investment Committee and senior management. Transaction Execution: Played a vital role in transaction execution, including negotiations, deal structuring, and documentation, collaborating with cross-functional teams. Portfolio Management: Monitored performance metrics of existing airport investments, optimizing asset value and revenue generation strategies. Stakeholder Relations: Cultivated relationships with airport authorities, government agencies, and industry stakeholders to facilitate investment initiatives and regulatory compliance. Market Insights: Stayed current with industry trends and emerging technologies, identifying new investment opportunities and adapting strategies to evolving market conditions. Working as an Investment Analyst in the airport infrastructure sector, I gained specialized expertise. My contributions facilitated the fund's growth by strategically investing in airport projects that delivered long-term value and improved aviation infrastructure. This role honed my financial analysis, risk management, and strategic decision-making skills while deepening my understanding of the unique dynamics within the airport sector.


Investment Banking Analyst



- 31/1/2006

Financial Analysis: Conduct in-depth financial analysis of target companies, including reviewing financial statements, assessing historical performance, and projecting future financials. Evaluate financial metrics and ratios to determine the financial health of potential acquisition targets. Market Research: Perform market research and industry analysis to identify trends, opportunities, and potential risks in the target company's sector. This includes analyzing competitors, market dynamics, and growth prospects. Due Diligence: Coordinate and participate in due diligence efforts, which involve reviewing contracts, legal documents, intellectual property, and other key aspects of the target company. Identify potential legal and financial issues that may affect the deal. Valuation: Assist in the valuation process by using various methodologies such as discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis, comparable company analysis (comps), and precedent transactions. Determine the fair market value of the target company. Financial Modeling: Build and maintain complex financial models to assess the impact of the acquisition on the acquiring company's financials. These models help in making informed decisions and understanding potential synergies. Deal Structuring: Collaborate with senior M&A professionals to develop deal structures that optimize financial and operational outcomes. Consider tax implications, financing options, and integration strategies. Presentation and Reporting: Prepare reports, presentations, and investment memoranda to communicate findings, recommendations, and financial analysis to senior management and stakeholders. Clearly articulate the rationale behind proposed transactions. Negotiation Support: Assist in negotiations with the target company's management and shareholders. Provide input on deal terms, pricing, and contingencies.


emlyon business school



- 31/1/2005

IPAG Business School



- 31/1/2003

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