Matthieu Quercia

Founding Partner at QJ&Partners

Paris, France


Author and Consultant | Cultural Due Diligence and Post-Close Human Capital Optimization Strategic integration of human capital is essential to foster value creation. However, post-close operations are frequently undermined by employee attrition. This scenario is all too common and has profound repercussions on the bottom line of the investment: knowledge loss, risk to client and stakeholder relations, and opportunity costs, just to name a few. However, employee turnover is mostly preventable. I help PE firms and investors to streamline operations through data-driven cultural assessments to identify the risks within the target organization human capital, by using a data-driven framework to proactively mitigate the human capital risks factors. My approach is centered around two pillars: - An automated extraction of the organizational structural data for proactive risk profiling and team-level opportunity mapping - A holistic human capital optimization with strategically designed survey framework

Domain experience

Relevant Total Experience: 4 years

Seniority Level: Associate

Sector Experience: 

Automobiles Casualty Reinsurance Carriers Catalog Broadline Retail Data and Analytics Diversified Commercial Banks Durable Goods Distribution Entertainment Financial Responsibility Reinsurance Carriers Health and Medical Reinsurance Carriers Household and Personal Product Distribution Identity and Security Insurance Integrated Telecommunication Services Medicinal Chemicals and Botanical Products Mobile Data Services Motor Vehicles and Parts Distribution Multi-line Insurance Multi-Utilities National and State Commercial Banks Payments Pharmaceutical Contract Laboratories Private and Industrial Banking Software and Services Specialized Consumer Services Technology Hardware and Equipment


Skilled in: Technical Due Diligence, Corporate Governance & ESG, Value Creation & Enhancement

Technical Skills: Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Java, Python

Languages: Spanish, English, French

Work Experience


Founding Partner



- Now

Addressing the Human factor in M&A: reaching greater synergy through data-driven Cultural Assessments. - Enhanced M&A Outcomes through Data-Driven Cultural Due Diligence - Drove initiatives to improve synergy by conducting thorough Cultural Assessments, focusing on the human factors - Helped investors to streamline the integration of human capital, thereby maximizing value creation and growth - Mitigated post-acquisition talent attrition by addressing strategic alignment, job security concerns, and team dynamics, significantly impacting the investment's bottom line through reduced knowledge loss, safeguarded client and stakeholder relations, and minimized opportunity costs

Independent Author

Author - Human Strategy in M&A



- Now

“Harvesting Success: Human Strategy in M&A” is the fruit of my learnings and experiences from corporate exposure during M&A processes, prefaced by Hugo Joby, founder at Vauban. In it, the high-stakes arena of Mergers and Acquisitions is explored through a critical yet often neglected lens that can make or break billion-dollar deals: cultural integration. From the infamous Daimler-Benz and Chrysler merger to Amazon's rocky acquisition of Whole Foods, this book delves into the tumultuous tales of major corporate mergers to reveal a startling truth: the overlooked role of cultural compatibility is often the linchpin of success or the harbinger of failure. This compelling narrative goes beyond the balance sheets, arguing that the heart of a successful merger lies in understanding the Human element. It advocates for cultural due diligence as a cornerstone, not an afterthought, in the M&A process. In an era where corporate culture is paramount, this book is a must-read for executives and M&A professionals who seek not only to avoid the pitfalls of past failures but to forge a path toward sustainable success in a post-COVID-19 world. “Harvesting Success: Human Strategy in M&A” is not just a recount of M&A missteps; it is a roadmap for aligning corporate heartbeats, ensuring that the merger of companies is also a merger of visions and values. To know more: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CRQ8F9B2





- Now

- Led key initiatives in IT Carve-Out and Carve-In processes for M&As, ensuring smooth transitions and integration of IT systems. Collaborated with cross-functional teams to evaluate IT infrastructures and develop strategies for efficient post-merger integration and acquisition strategy. - Executed thorough IT due diligence for potential M&A deals, assessing the technological strengths, weaknesses, and risks associated with target companies. Provided comprehensive reports to inform strategic decision-making. - Crafted and delivered compelling business proposals to clients. Leveraged extensive M&A expertise and market insights to develop tailored solutions that addressed specific client needs and objectives. - Demonstrated ability in deal negotiations and strategic planning, as well as a deep understanding of M&A scenarios (Due Diligence, TSA, Day 1 and Day 2, PMI…) - Championed the adoption of agile and flexible working methods within target IT departments. Facilitated a culture shift towards more dynamic, collaborative approaches in project management and daily operations. - Managed sourcing strategies and operations for IT services and products. Negotiated with vendors and streamlined procurement processes to optimize costs and efficiency in the context of M&A activities. - Maintained an active M&A watch tower, conducting market monitoring to identify emerging trends, potential risks, and opportunities in the M&A landscape. Ensured the company stayed ahead of industry developments, especially in AI-generated tools. - Organized and facilitated workshops for internal teams and external stakeholders. Focused on knowledge sharing, best practices, and strategy development in M&A IT scenarios. - Authored publications on topics related to IT in mergers and acquisitions. Established as a thought leader through insights on innovation, sustainability, and new operational methodologies in the M&A sphere.


Solutions Architect - Software Intelligence



- 31/8/2023

I became in charge of enriching and orchestrating company’s partnerships with top Advisory firms across North America. - Reinforced company’s alliances with top North America Advisory firms (Bain, BCG, KPMG, Deloitte, EY, PwC) - Fashioned new tactical partnerships with boutique advisories and created joint value proposition and go-to-market strategies. - Built tactical responses to Request For Proposal (RFPs) that led to an increase of company’s business – 4 new strategic partnerships in 2023. - Successfully conducted pilot activities which led to significant strategic prebuy agreements – supporting 9% of NA company’s revenues. - Emphasized and demonstrated ROI models, pointed out TCO factors, discussed Application Porfolio(s) Cost management with C-level executives of several verticals (BFSI, ISV, GSI) - Shaped in-person workshops with various Digital Transformation teams at client sites that led to better enablement and empowerment. - Wrote and published consulting-related content on company’s website and animated Webinars with 700+ attendees.


Presales Engineer - Software Intelligence



- 30/4/2022

Working closely with the Technical Director and Sales Team, my key missions included leading pre-sales efforts for channel Partners in North America. My achievements: - Articulated technical and business values of implementing company’s solutions for Cloud Migration Strategies and Application Modernization initiatives. - Provided deeper technical insights to customer challenges and needs in software measurement and analysis perspective. - Led pilot activities for customer applications in healthcare and other enterprise markets that sustained significant recurring subscriptions. - Advised leading advisories in North America during time-constrained M&A technical due diligence scenarios. - Collaborated with advisory firms in highly customer-facing environments to successfully translate technical metrics into business values for both PEs and end clients. - Exceled at solving tough problems by leveraging technology, collaborating with people, and reengineering processes.

MBDA Missile Systems

Engineer in Funtional Testing



- 30/9/2021

Working in the system integration and validation department. - Published technical writings including professional engineering reports and equipment specifications. - Proactively collaborated with multiple departments in a highly regulated environment; military aircraft industry, standard compliance - Designed innovative safety equipment from the architectural review to the interface with suppliers and customers; successfully abode by project milestones and objectives with multiple teams involved, managed a 30k€ budget. - Automated electrical testing activities which resulted in a fifth-fold decrease of the analysis time.


ENSTA Bretagne



- 30/9/2021

I graduated from ENSTA Bretagne which is an engineering school and post-university research institute part of the ENSTA Group. I followed a three-year cooperative engineering program with a major in embedded systems and computer science.

Gdańsk University of Technology



- 31/3/2021

Spent a semester abroad at an award-winning Polish IT faculty – Artificial Intelligence (AI), Operations Research and change management.

École Navale



- 31/1/2018

Semester at the French Naval Academy. Scientific, Human and Military training. Developed Leadership spirit, taste for effort, and integrity.

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