Marcus Lee

Financial Model & Startup Consultant

Bangkok, Thailand


I have extensive experience in corporate finance, F&B startups, and turnaround management. As a freelancer, I specialize in providing customized consulting services to Startups as well as F&B businesses. My career in corporate finance began at Merrill Lynch, where I worked as an Analyst conducting financial models and due diligence on numerous distressed deals. Later, I moved to a Private Equity firm where I built financial models for more distressed investment opportunities in various industries and helped manage a turnaround business plan for several of its investments. This experience gave me exposure to managing distressed situations and coordinating desired outcomes with stakeholders and 3rd parties. After my corporate finance career, I ventured off to build my own business related to import and cold chain distribution business and establishing a quick-service restaurant brand called Makai Acai & Superfood Bar and TONIC with a total of 15 retail stores. Here, I learned the foundation of people management, F&B import and retail business, fundraising, and building several departments including onboard an ERP system for the company. Recently, I have taken on several freelance projects, working with F&B businesses to manage their assets, streamline their operations, and improve their financial performance. My expertise includes developing financial models, conducting due diligence, and executing turnaround business plans. Additionally, I have experience in managing distressed situations and coordinating with stakeholders to ensure desired outcomes. I am passionate about leveraging my skills and knowledge to help F&B businesses achieve success. With my experience in corporate finance, F&B startups, and turnaround management, I am confident that I can deliver customized solutions that meet the specific needs for your projects.

Domain experience

Relevant Total Experience: 8 years

Seniority Level: Associate

Sector Experience: 

Consumer Services Food and Staples Retailing Retailing


Skilled in: Portfolio Services & Add-on M&A

Technical Skills: SQL, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Office, Python

Languages: Thai, English

Work Experience

Good Mood Food Co., Ltd.




- 01/01/2023

Good Mood Food is a F&B retail business focusing on wholesome foods. The company operates several quick service restaurants in the Bangkok region. • Managed due diligence, negotiations, and company acquisition • Led company handover and implemented a turnaround business plan • Managed the financial department and developed company’s financial models • Led the company’s internal operation restructuring and planning • Managed ERP implementation and other F&B operating systems • Led negotiations with buyers and with other consolidation opportunities • Managed company’s fundraising with potential investors • Maintained communication with shareholders with management reports PROJECT: TONIC – RESTRUCTURING & TURNAROUND PROJECT Good Mood Food Co., Ltd. – Bangkok, Thailand • Successfully negotiated and acquired the company with favorable terms • Implemented and executed a turnaround plan resulting in a positive cash flow from a negative position • Restructured and grew gross profit margins by 15% and reaching target EBITDA of 20% across all store locations o Established staff training programs and set monitoring systems improving cost control o Adjusted food recipes and improved ingredient costs from price negotiations o Eliminated inefficient workflow • Improved working capital, cost transparency and resource planning by creating an ERP system that implemented with a 3rd party POS


Founder - Managing Director



- 01/06/2021

VITATRADE is the leading importer of acai berry puree in Thailand. The company distributes acai products in the SEA region. In addition to its wholesale business, the company operates 11 retail outlets under the brand name MAKAI Acai & Superfood Bar. • Led operations and created workflow templates • Led expansion plan and initiated projects according to shareholders’ targets • Managed budget and financial KPIs for all 11 retail stores and cold-chain distribution business. • Led the financial performance that supported the company's strategic direction. • Maintain relationship with international partners improving business terms and cash flow. • Led the implementation of Microsoft NAV ERP system across all departments • Coordinated with team members to ensure workflow optimization and efficiencies • Led fundraising rounds and due diligence with new investors • Coordinated with potential investors, buyers, and consolidation opportunities • Developed presentations, investors materials, and data room for the due diligence • Managed all communications with shareholders • Managed investor’s relationships and corporate governance PROJECT MAKAI ACAI & SUPERFOOD BAR – START-UP PROJECT Vitatrade Co., Ltd. – Bangkok, Thailand • Grew annual sales from start-up to ~USD 1m+ within 3 years o Developed a cold chain imports and distribution business supplying SEA markets with acai products o Established an in-house retail brand selling Vitatrade’ s imported products and expanding retail stores to 11 outlets • Developed a standardize operating and SOP template for launching and operating stores • Led Microsoft NAV ERP implementation o Completing the ERP implementation enabling accurate financial and supply chain data management • Researched, developed, and successfully launched an FDA approved product across main retailers; Topps, Villa, Makro, Gourmet Market • Led fundraising rounds and due diligence with new investors successfully closing the target capital

Teak Capital Corporation




- 01/06/2021

TEAK is an investment corporation investing through principal investments and capital partnerships • Managed due diligence and acquisition of companies • Identified and evaluated potential investment opportunities and conducted market research, valuation reports, feasibility studies and evaluation of proposals • Coordinated with partners establishing company’s deal pipeline • Managed workflow, templates, and data analytics using, power query, Power BI, SQL • Led finance department on portfolio companies for turnaround management • Assisted in formulating business strategies and its implementation • Developed investment memorandums and management reports PROJECT COMPANY ACQUISITION & TURNAROUND MANAGEMENT PROJECT TEAK Capital Corporation – Bangkok, Thailand • Led the financial models for the acquisition of an oil & gas pipe and cladding manufacturing company • Led the financial models for the acquisition of a conveyor belt manufacturing company • Took part in negotiations with the sellers • Assisted in developing a successful turnaround management plan and implemented within 1 year target; transitioning from a manufacturer into a service & maintenance business • Developed the investment portfolio performance dashboard of companies


Sasin Graduate School of Chulalongkorn

Finance & Marketing



- 01/05/2013

Licenses / Certificates

Full Stack Modeller

Full Stack Modeller



Financial Modeling Institution

Advance Financial Modeler (AFM)