Kshitiz Saxena

Experienced Equity Investor

London, United Kingdom


With over 9 years of comprehensive experience in finance, I bring expertise in both investment banking and public and private markets investing, with a distinct focus on Specialty Finance and FinTech. My proficiency extends to being an accomplished public equity investor, characterized by a keen ability to identify investment opportunities, conduct thorough due diligence, and construct elaborate valuation models. This has translated into a robust track record of high-performance outcomes, underscoring my analytical acumen and strategic approach in navigating the intricacies of financial markets. The foundation of my career was laid during my six-year tenure at J.P. Morgan, working in the European Financial Institutions Group. Here, I gained exposure to various product areas, including M&A, Debt, and Equity, across industries like FinTech, Credit Management, Leasing, Fleet Management, and Consumer Finance. My contributions were instrumental in successful sell-side transactions, divestments, and IPOs.

Domain experience

Relevant Total Experience: 9 years

Seniority Level: Manager

Sector Experience: 

Banks Diversified Financials FinTech Information Technology


Skilled in: Corporate Development, Financial Due Diligence, Bolt-on acquisitions, Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), Value Creation & Enhancement, Strategic Finance, Sell-side M&A

Technical Skills: Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Bloomberg, Microsoft Office

Languages: English

Work Experience


Public Market Investments



- Now

With a keen focus on Financials and FinTech stocks, I currently oversee a dynamic portfolio exceeding $20M, spanning diverse sectors. My primary responsibilities encompass the identification of potential opportunities, conducting comprehensive research and due diligence, constructing intricate financial models, formulating investment theses, and vigilant monitoring of the existing portfolio. In the pursuit of excellence, I have diligently researched and analyzed over 80 investment opportunities, resulting in the development of detailed and insightful investment theses. This analytical rigor has contributed to informed decision-making and the successful execution of 11 strategic investments. My role combines strategic thinking with hands-on financial modeling, ensuring a comprehensive approach to portfolio management. This experience positions me as a seasoned professional adept at navigating the complexities of financial markets, continuously seeking value and growth within an ever-evolving investment landscape.

Ambassador Capital Partners

Private Credit | Special Sits



- 31/1/2022

Specializing in consumer brand aggregation on e-commerce platforms, I have successfully identified lucrative investment opportunities in both India and Dubai. Proactively engaging with multiple prospects, my efforts led to securing mandates from three firms, showcasing my ability to drive valuable partnerships. In the due diligence phase, I meticulously analyzed financial statements, crafted comprehensive credit models, and investigated various credit scenarios. This thorough process ensured the delivery of well-informed recommendations to the investment committee, contributing to strategic decision-making. My role blends strategic foresight with hands-on financial analysis, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to identifying and cultivating investment opportunities in the dynamic landscape of consumer brand aggregation within e-commerce ecosystems. These experiences underscore my proficiency in navigating the complexities of investment landscapes and driving successful outcomes in diverse markets.

J.P. Morgan

Senior Associate (Investment Banking)



- 31/1/2021

During my tenure at J.P. Morgan within the European Financial Institutions Group, I played a pivotal role as both an Associate (July 2017 to January 2021) and Analyst (September 2014 to June 2017). My responsibilities spanned various product areas, including M&A, Debt, and Equity, across diverse industries such as FinTech, Credit Management, Leasing, Fleet Management, and Consumer Finance. I contributed to the sell-side of a FinTech business, actively drafting investment highlights and marketing materials to influence valuation and positioning. Additionally, I facilitated the divestment of a minority stake in Volvofinans, executing capital structure optimization and providing critical valuation analyses. I played a key role in the IPO of Finablr, a prominent FinTech company specializing in cross-border payments and FX segments. I led work streams in the preparation of marketing materials and valuation analysis. Further, in the IPO of MONETA Money Bank Czech Republic, the largest Czech IPO in nine years, I led preparation of analyst presentation and created the valuation model assisting the client in setting the IPO price range. These experiences reflect my multifaceted exposure to financial transactions, strategic insights, and my capacity to deliver impactful results in a high-stakes financial environment.


London Business School



- 31/12/2013

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay



- 31/12/2011