Johann Romefort

Tech Due Diligence (VC, PE), Preparation to the Tech DD process for startups at Freelance

Bavaria, Germany


Technology Due Diligences. CTO-In-Residence @Techstars.

Domain experience

Relevant Total Experience: 25 years

Seniority Level: Senior

Sector Experience: 

Software and Services


Skilled in: Technical Due Diligence

Technical Skills: Java, Python

Languages: English, French

Work Experience


Tech Due Diligence (VC, PE), Preparation to the Tech DD process for startups



- Now

- Tech Due Diligence (VC/PE): I've been conducting Tech DD for Accelerators, VCs, Private Equity firms, and Corporates - Investment and M&A scenarios. Companies from pre-Seed up to Series B+. - Preparation to Tech DD: I'm helping CTOs to getting ready for the process of Tech Due Diligences





- Now

I’ve mentored over 150 CTOs during the last 2 years. I’ve worked with the Techstars programs of Berlin; Amsterdam, Turin, Paris, Tel Aviv, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh…in most cases over several programs. I’ve developed an effective framework based on my Tech DD practice to identify where CTOs need support, and I am running Office Hours, workshops and CTO Roundtables. Moreover I also act as a coach to help CTOs with their communication and negotiation skills.


Managing Director



- 31/7/2020

As Managing Director at Techstars for the BSH Future Home Accelerator, I'm looking for startups working on reinventing the experience of the kitchen - from connected appliances to social recipe apps, home gardening, down to food waste management. Get in touch with me to know how to apply to the program! https://www.techstars.com/content/accelerators/johann-romefort-joins-techstars-managing-director-bsh-future-home-accelerator/ If you want to know more, read my interview on the BSH Accelerator blog: https://www.bshaccelerator.com/blog/interview-with-johann-romefort Weniger anzeigen


Tech Evangelist



- 31/8/2018

My mission is to help to build the tech community in Munich. I'm a public speaker. My last talks: https://slideshare.com/romefort I'm the organizer of 15+ meetups and a mentor at many startup hubs.


Chief Organizer



- 31/7/2018

I've been organizing the DAHO.AM conference 3 years in a row - growing it from 300 attendees to 1200 attendees. DAHO.AM is now the largest pure tech conference in Bavaria. We gather 50+ international speakers around 5 tracks and create connetions between developers, startups, corporates and investors.


Co-Founder and CTO



- 31/3/2011

Johann joined Loic Le Meur to create Seesmic in June 2007, and served as CTO until March 2011. Seesmic was acquired by Hootsuite in August 2012. Johann managed the technology stack at Seesmic and built a distributed team of 30+ developers, from Bucharest to Singapore. On the product side, Johann was leading the efforts on the web platform. http://www.building43.com/videos/2009/11/12/seesmic-quickly-adds-features-using-new-twitter-apis/ On march 2011, after almost 4 years as CTO, Johann left Seesmic to focus on building a new startup. Partners API integration: Twitter, Facebook, Google (Buzz, G+) Technologies: Backend: Java, Voldemort project, Node.js, MongoDB, Redis, Hadoop. Web: GWT (front Seesmic Web app), RoR (site+authentification) Mobile: iOS, Android, Blackberry, WP7 Desktop: AIR, Silverlight Weniger anzeigen





- 31/7/2007

Was developing Proof of Concept applications for startup looking to raise capital.


Semantic Web Architect



- 31/1/2006

Designed a custom solution to meet the organization’s needs for managing copyright related data. Developed from scratch a Thesaurus and Directory application using and extending SKOS-Core and Dublin-Core. Used Sesame and Jena for the data storage layer. I also created a rich webapp to allow user to navigate and query the applications. Technologies: RDF, RDFS, OWL, Sesame, Cocoon (XSLT), Flash 7 (AS2.0), Castor, PicoContainter, JMS

Polygon Studio




- 31/10/2001

Polygon was a pionneer in developing multiplayer online java-based video games. As a the technical interface between game designers, programmers and graphic designers, I created and developed a java game engine and all the server side logic based on distributed object technologies.





- 31/12/1999

worked at Grolier on week ends while I was at university, first as a support person then as a manager for a 30+ people team.



Computer Sciences



- 1/7/1998