Jan Huber

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Hamburg, Germany


Hi there, I am an investment banking and M&A professional focusing predominantly on software and digital domains. Beginning my journey in financial services as an independent advisor during my academic years, I transitioned into the realm of investment banking in 2018, joining a renowned local M&A boutique. Inspired by all the entrepreneurs I had the honor of working with, I co-founded a B2B software WealthTech venture. In 2023, I created my own advisory brand called Aend. Deal experience: Buy-side: - 2023: Majority acquisition of The Digital Architects GmbH, a marketing agency and software provider of COCO - a SaaS marketing communication cockpit - by Schlütersche Verlagsgesellschaft, media & publishing group with a rich 275-year legacy Sell-side: - 2022: Secured pre-seed funding for Inclusive Capital, a B2B WealthTech dedicated to empowering investment professionals, from a local Business Angel - 2021: Full sale of German-based Passcreator, innovative wallet marketing software provider, to Canada-based stock-listed data intelligence platform Loop, now Fobi - 2020: Fundraising turned full-sale of German-based Staplerkönig, one-stop-shop E-Commerce platform for intra-logistics parts, to Netherlands-based Agri-Tech champion Kramp - 2019: 2.0m fundraising and majority sale for German-based Xpublisher, provider of structured content creation and publishing software, to Austrian stock-listed software powerhouse Fabasoft At Aend, I specialize in strategic advisory and hands-on operational for corporates and founders covering M&A, deal advisory, strategy, and company building. My commitment is towards software deals and progressive digital topics, ensuring precision and value addition at every step.

Domain experience

Relevant Total Experience: 6 years

Seniority Level: Manager

Sector Experience: 

Software and Services


Skilled in: Corporate Strategy, Project Management Office (PMO), Target Sourcing, Venture and minority investments, Acquihire, Commercial Due Diligence, Financial Due Diligence, Capital Raising, Fundraising strategy, Sell-side M&A, Corporate Development, Buy-Side M&A

Technical Skills: SQL, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Office, Python

Languages: German, Spanish, English

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- Now

At Aend, we provide strategic guidance and operational support to both software startups and established corporates pursuing digital transformation - a term we see as more than just industry jargon. Our name, Aend, signifies a blend of "Aeneas" and "Digital", reflecting the enduring virtues of the Aenid hero, Aeneas, intertwined with the potential and challenges of the digital era. Whether you're building a software startup or steering an existing business towards digital evolution, we're eager to support and guide you on your journey. Our expertise spans across Finance, M&A, Product Management and Software Development. Scroll down to see the projects I'm personally engaged in.

Digital Learning GmbH

Product Manager



- Now

Digital Learning is an EdTech startup crafting an integrative ecosystem for knowledge sharing. Our core product, educa, merges learning management, administration, and data analysis to serve public and private educational institutions as well as small-to-medium-sized businesses. We are dedicated to creating accessible and transformative education, using personalized, data-driven methods to enhance learning experiences and promote knowledge dissemination. 📋 Responsibilities: • Define product requirements based on market research and customer feedback, closely collaborating with management and development team to ensure timely and high-quality product delivery • Develop go-to-market plans, product positioning, and messaging, resulting in increased adoption and revenue growth • Conduct regular analysis of the competitive landscape, the digital learning ecosystem and emerging trends to identify opportunities and threats to adjust product strategy accordingly • Build and foster ecosystem of partners to provide the best learning experience for our customers

Schlütersche Verlagsgesellschaft mbH

Corporate Development Manager



- Now

Schlütersche Mediengruppe, a media & publishing group with a rich 275-year history, empowers SMEs by delivering vital industry information and specialized marketing services. Schlütersche's practical expertise spans diverse sectors, including construction, healthcare, crafts, industry, mobility, animal health, and end consumers, communicated via trade journals, books, online news, e-learning, and networking events. Moreover, Schlütersche enhances business visibility by offering ad placement in industry directories, crafting professional websites, and developing personalized online marketing campaigns. 📋 Responsibilities: • Develop and implement corporate development strategies aligned with company objectives • Conduct market research and analysis to identify strategic partnership, investment and M&A opportunities • Manage entire deal lifecycle from sourcing to integration • Analyze financial and business data to support valuation and provide insights • Lead cross-functional teams to ensure successful execution of strategic initiatives 🎖️ Achievements: • Successfully executed the majority acquisition of The Digital Architects GmbH, a marketing agency and software provider of COCO - a SaaS marketing communication cockpit - in 2023

Inclusive Capital GmbH




- Now

Inclusive Capital GmbH is a B2B WealthTech platform dedicated to empowering investment professionals. Our aim is to equip financial advisors with the tools they need to offer their clients a transparent, digitized, and modern advisory experience. Driven by our commitment to foster wider participation in company assets and their resulting wealth gains, we aim to contribute to a fair, inclusive, and sustainable society. 📋 Responsibilities: • Lead the development and execution of the company's strategic plan • Manage product development and ensure it aligns with the company's vision and mission • Build and manage relationships with stakeholders and partners • Manage finances and day-to-day operations ensuring the company's financial sustainability and growth

Bitflow GmbH

Due Diligence Strategist



- 1/2/2023

BitFlow is an expert consultancy that has developed a distinctive framework for conducting swift and insightful Technical Due Diligence specifically tailored for investors in software companies. BitFlow's unique expertise serves as a bridge between understanding technology and business acumen, forming the foundation for successful investment strategies in the software industry. 📋 Responsibilities: • Supported in strategic business development efforts, including market research and analysis, to identify and pursue new growth opportunities for the company • Provided insights and recommendations to management on marketing, customer success and sales development initiatives, including website relaunch, usage of Pipedrive as CRM and identification of prospects • Drove sales efforts and nurtured cooperative partnerships with investors in the Venture Capital and Private Equity ecosystem 🎖️ Achievements: • Orchestrated an end-to-end Technical Due Diligence process from sourcing to ensuring timely delivery of the report providing actionable insights that resulted in a successful acquisition

Göttingen Corporate Finance




- 1/4/2023

Göttingen Corporate Finance is an advisory firm providing M&A, fundraising and strategic advisory to technology-driven companies. 📋 Responsibilities: • Led all software-related deals focusing on B2B software both sell-side in terms of fundraising and M&A as well as buy-side, i.e. buy & build, start-up scouting, and corporate venturing • Sourced and acquired new mandates to build a pipeline of opportunities • Drove internal digitalization efforts to streamline workflows and processes for increased efficiency 🎖️ Achievements: • Successfully executed a full sale of German-based Passcreator, innovative wallet marketing software provider, to Canada-based stock-listed data intelligence platform Loop, now Fobi in 2021 • Successfully executed a full sale of German-based Staplerkönig, one-stop-shop E-Commerce platform for intra-logistics parts, to Netherlands-based Agri-Tech champion Kramp in 2020 • Introduced Pipedrive as our CRM, resulting in a drastic reduction in the time required for initial outreach to investors, from days to under 30 minutes

Göttingen Corporate Finance




- 1/1/2020

📋 Responsibilities: • Conducted research and analysis on various business models, industries, and investors, with a focus on B2B software and DeepTech • Created transaction documents, including pitch decks, management presentations, teasers, investor lists, and financial models, to effectively approach and communicate key information to potential investors • Managed deal execution by promoting opportunities to investors, coordinating management calls and meetings, organizing roadshows, facilitating due diligence processes, and overseeing closings 🎖️ Achievements: • Successfully executed a €2.0m fundraising and majority sale for German-based Xpublisher, provider of structured content creation and publishing software, to Austrian stock-listed software powerhouse Fabasoft in 2019 • Organized and conducted roadshows across Europe, including stops in Germany, Austria, France, and the UK • Established and maintained connections with over 1,000 investors in Europe and across the globe, continuously expanding our network and reach

tecis Finanzdienstleistungen AG

Senior Sales Consultant



- Now

tecis provides comprehensive financial consultancy services, tailoring wealth-building and risk management solutions to fit our clients' individual needs at every stage of life. In my role at tecis, my speciality lies in B2B services. I support business owners by demystifying the complexities of business-related financial products. A key part of our strategy involves utilizing company pension plans as an integral and effective element of your corporate benefits strategy. 📋 Responsibilities: • Collaborate in the formulation and execution of strategies to engage potential corporate clients interested in company pension plans • Facilitate the sales process, encompassing the initial contact, deal closing, and providing sustained post-sales support to ensure optimal client satisfaction. • Offer expert advice and consultation to corporate clients about company pension plans and associated corporate benefits, aiding in their informed decision-making • Assist in the creation and delivery of compelling presentations and proposals to prospective clients, illustrating the unique value and benefits of company pension plans

tecis Finanzdienstleistungen AG

Team Lead



- 1/4/2020

📋 Responsibilities: • Set goals and targets for the team and developed plans to achieve them • Provided coaching, mentoring and feedback to team members to improve their skills and performance • Collaborated with other teams and stakeholders to ensure that team goals align with overall business objectives • Developed and implemented policies, procedures and best practices to improve team efficiency and effectiveness 🎖️ Achievements: • Built up and led team of up to 10 team members • Opened and managed new office location • Built out client portfolio together with the team to more than 250 clients

tecis Finanzdienstleistungen AG

Senior Consultant



- 1/1/2019

📋 Responsibilities: • Managed and grew our client portfolio • Developed and implemented comprehensive financial plans for clients • Mentored and provided guidance to Junior Consultants and Trainees • Developed and implemented recruiting strategies and initiatives to attract top talent 🎖️ Achievements: • Completed training as an independent financial investment specialist • Grew client base to more than 100 clients

tecis Finanzdienstleistungen AG

Assistant Consultant



- 1/6/2012

📋 Responsibilities: • Assisted senior consultants in developing and presenting financial plans to clients • Conducted market research and analysis to identify potential investment opportunities and stay up-to-date on industry trends • Participating in training programs to deepen knowledge and skills in investment advisory and financial planning 🎖️ Achievements: • Completed training as an independent insurance specialist • Expanded client base to more than 25 clients

tecis Finanzdienstleistungen AG




- 1/10/2011

📋 Responsibilities: • Acquired new clients and built relationships with existing clients supporting the development of new business opportunities • Attended meetings with clients and taking notes on discussions to support follow-up actions • Handled administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, maintaining client files, and preparing reports for management • Evaluated benefits potential for clients including risk-reward optimization of retirement and investment products as well as cost-benefit comparison of insurance providers in all insurance lines 🎖️ Achievements: • Gained overview of the financial services industry including a competitive analysis of insurance and bank products and a general understanding of the German social security system • Successfully built up a client base providing comprehensive financial plans tailored to the unique circumstances and goals of every client


Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

International Economics



- 1/5/2021

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana




- 1/6/2017

Licenses / Certificates

Chamber of Industry and Commerce Hanover

Financial Investment Specialist



Chamber of Industry and Commerce Hanover

Insurance Specialist



DIV German Institute for Sales Competence GmbH & Co. KG

Certified Potential Advisor (AECdisc®)



Harvard University

CS50x: Introduction to Computer Science