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New York, United States


Specialist in value creation Pre & Post M&A | Strategist for software asset growth & development With a solid foundation in software architecture and a rich history of working with PE firms on tech due diligences and value creation assessments, I bring a comprehensive understanding of the technical and business aspects of cloud migration and software development. I've worked with major cloud players and service providers such as Microsoft Azure and AWS, where I've designed robust and scalable cloud solutions. My technical skills are complemented by my experience in system architecture, software development lifecycle management and more, for assignments where the solution outweighs the unknown.

Domain experience

Relevant Total Experience: 6 years

Seniority Level: Associate

Sector Experience: 

Asset Management Desktop PC Software E-Commerce Software IT Consulting Services to Banking Industry IT Consulting Services to Insurance Industry Linux Development Software Mainframe Software Software Development Unix Development Software Web Development Software Windows Development Software


Skilled in: Technical Due Diligence, Value Creation & Enhancement

Technical Skills: Software as a Service (SaaS), SQL, PowerPoint, Java, C#, NoSQL, Python

Languages: English, French

Work Experience





- Now

Founder of Vauban, I'm excited to lead a venture that's at the forefront of technological innovation and assessment. Our mission is to transform application complexity into clarity, guiding businesses through the intricate landscape of modern technology. At Vauban, we specialize in precise and personalized assessments. We work closely with our clients, finding solutions and refuting assumptions based on factual, individualized data. This allows us to unlock tailor-made budgets and provide insights grounded in real figures. We are committed to understanding and catering to our clients' specific needs, whether that's paving the way to modernization, defining innovative software architectures, or facilitating migration to the cloud.


Solutions Architect - Lead Intelligence Automation



- 1/8/2023

● Presentation and demonstration of different static code analysis platforms ● Point of contact for the Cloud Partnership and Application Modernization ● Expert in automation of the Tech Due Diligence Process Primary point of contact for major cloud providers (Azure, AWS, and Google) in the North American territory, supporting multi-million dollar per year targets/revenues. I am responsible for maintaining relationships and evangelism with the CSPs for the North American territory as well as enabling their partners using CAST products as part of engagements. I support the different types of operations from: - Sell-to: With the AWS and Microsoft partnerships, I support the direct sale of CAST products and license bundles to partners. - Sell-through: Working with partners and key CSPs on an engagement, we jointly position our services from a business and technical perspective and take an approach that allows the partner to replicate the transaction on other engagements. - Sell-With: Joint sales performed in symbiosis with other ISVs to provide maximum value to the customer.


Solutions Architect



- 1/11/2022

Close collaboration with the major CSPs (Microsoft, AWS and GCP) as well as their numerous partners to simulate how they could use the CAST platform in their own environments to solve complex tasks during application modernization. My daily activities included meeting with clients to gain an understanding of their technology landscape, ongoing projects, and pain points. From there, I would move forward in the sales cycle by creating prototypes, pilots, or proof of concepts, based on the client's specific qual-ifications. These implementations would involve analyzing one or more applications across various technological stacks, such as J2EE, C#/NET, VB/NET or even Mainframe, to showcase the platform's value and help address any existing issues with the application, in order to ease the modernization.


Presales Engineer



- 1/11/2020

n collaboration with the Solution Design North America team, development of an automatic frameworks identification tool based on a reposito-ry search by language as well as a machine-learning engine to interpret google search results (Mainframe, and legacy frameworks without repository)

ENGIE Solutions France

Node.js Full Stack Engineer



- 31/1/2020

● Benchmark of development platforms for mobile "Low-Code" as part of a change of tools within the group ENGIE Solution. Accompanied the organization during the migration to the chosen platform “Microsoft PowerApps” and organization of workshops and application creation within the IT department to facilitate adoption. ● Development and reinforcement of security on an information distribution platform deployed within Ineo branches. ● Modernization of the information distribution platform. Redesign of the database schema to gain maintainability and changeability. Redesign of the application architecture in order to have a clear segregation between client and API and to avoid architectures by-passes. Redesign of the presentation layer / UI of the application to attract new customers.

Iris INSA · Junior-Entreprise de l'INSA Centre-Val de Loire

Member of the Junior-Entreprise - C#/.Net Developer



- 31/1/2020

● Development of an application for a company in the field of renewable energy allowing their technicians to make reports on site, and send them directly to the database of the company, avoiding a huge paperwork process. Technologies : C# , MSSQL

University of Missouri-Columbia

Intern in Computer Science



- 30/9/2018

● Calibration of a 3-dimensional city reconstruction tool based on aerial views (drones, airplane) using the epipolar lines technique ● Participation and analysis of a dataset in order to participate in the FMOW xView competition organized by the Department of Defense (USA) in order to identify the area of dispatch of relief efforts during natural disasters Technologies : C++, Python


l'INSA Centre Val de Loire



- 31/12/2019

Licenses / Certificates


The Zero-Carbon Transition Strategy




CAST Highlight - Certified User



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