Grant Wilson

Independent Consultant

London, United Kingdom


Independent Financial Modeller | ACA | I help win new business and maximise profits by best practice financial modelling

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Relevant Total Experience: 15 years

Seniority Level: Senior

Sector Experience: 

Real Estate Management and Development


Skilled in: Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

Technical Skills: VBA, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Office

Languages: English

Work Experience

Self employed

Independent Consultant



- Now

Arriva Trains UK

Financial Modeller / Commercial Analyst



- 01/01/2023

Financial modelling and analysis for a 10-year French rail concession bid. Involved supporting the Customer Experience, Operations and Fleet teams to interpret tender document requirements and produce financial plans for each team based on the tender requirements. Contract value £900m.

West Coast Partnership Development

Finance Specialist



- 31/05/2021

West Coast Partnership Development is the 'Shadow Operator' for High Speed 2: designing, developing and mobilising high speed service operations and associated conventional services. Its goal is to maximise the benefits of the significant investment in high speed infrastructure.I developed a staff model for the first eight years of the integrated HS2 and existing InterCity West Coast (ICWC) rail services. This involved combining HS2 staff model outputs with ICWC 2019 bid submission staff outputs and applying a common set of assumptions to both to arrive at the integrated staffing costs. The model will, in part, form the basis for pricing the contract with Department for Transport for the first eight years of the integrated service. Also drafted the Record of Assumptions for submission to the DfT.


Financial Modeller



- Now

Created a variable monthly pricing model for a six year mortgage processing management contract, based on monthly and annual mortgage applications and completions against contracted targets. Continuous development and support of the model for business changes.


Financial Modeller



- 31/08/2019

Cost modelling to develop a comparator financial model for the First Great Western rail franchise four-year Direct Award, commencing April 2020. Also included drafting the Record of Assumptions.

Transdev plc

Bid Modeller / Commercial Analyst



- 31/05/2019

Creation of a five-year financial model for pricing a confidential and successful bid for a bus service. £100M over five years. This included the ability to undertake sensitivity analysis and run scenarios, including staffing and TUPE, complete fleet replacement and timetable changes.

Keolis UK Ltd

Financial Modelling / Mobilisation - Wales & Borders



- 31/01/2019

Negotiation of Keolis' successful Wales and Borders rail franchise bid with Transport for Wales, in addition to mobilisation and transition activities which involved:Rolling Stock modelling. Responded to Transport for Wales’ evaluation and negotiation processes - Involved modifying and analysing the rolling stock and financial models submitted for the bid and drafting answers to the evaluation and negotiation questions;Amending the Rolling Stock model to pass modelling best practice requirements for contract sign off;Modelling the subsidy impact of post contract sign-off train service and timetable changes. Involved modelling the impact on revenue, rolling stock, station access, delay repay and staff costs for each change;Drafting the finance mobilisation plan for the Wales and Borders rail franchise which commenced on 14 October 2018;Finance mobilisation tasks such as setting up Bonds, bank accounts, HMRC details, insurance, and liaising with TfW and the incumbent operator (ATW) for finance handover requirements. Included involvement in replacing the existing Oracle finance system with Microsoft Dynamics GP and handover to incumbent staff;Business partnering Rolling Stock, Operations and IT workstream leads – challenging and justifying 50+ contracts raised against the bid budget for the mobilisation period and operations from day one of the new franchise.

Doctor Care Anywhere

Financial Modeller / Financial Strategy



- 31/01/2018

Creation of a five-year financial model (integrated P&L, BS & CF) to support business plans for seeking investment in this rapidly growing global provider of digital healthcare. This included the ability to undertake sensitivity analysis and run scenarios by changing key inputs and assumptions. The model was also used to create a detailed operational budget for 2018/19.

London Borough of Brent

Financial Modeller / Financial Strategy



- 30/11/2017

Creation of financial models to support and enable strategic management of the Borough’s £20m car parking and £7m special needs transport budgets. This included the ability to run scenarios by changing key variables, and creating key performance indicators (KPI’s) for each budget.

Transport for London

Financial Modeller / Revenue Analyst



- 31/03/2017

Automation of new and existing revenue accounting processes following TfL’s recent implementation of unstaffed station ticket offices. This aligned with the introduction of new cash handling devices at all stations which replaced safes previously used by ticket office staff. I developed a series of spreadsheet models to create a robust reconciliation system to match all revenue (£2billion p.a.) to cash received.This included liaising with their TVM supplier, Cubic, for sales and cash reporting requirements, and automating TfL’s process for allocating joint ticketing revenue between TfL entities and TOCs.Achievements and outcomes:• Recovery of over £3M of income;• Reduced the month end accounting close for the whole of TfL by one day.• Reduced revenue accounting staffing requirements by two FTE’s;• Identified £2M of bad debts and a requirement for £1.5m bad debt provisioning;

Department for Transport

Rail Franchising Consultant



- 31/08/2015

Evaluator of the stations delivery plans for the Northern rail franchise competition. This included assessing a £30m+ station capital investment programme to upgrade all stations during the franchise term;In consultation with each TOC, preparation of the six month Long Form report for Northern rail and the full two year Long Form report for the Greater Anglia rail franchise. The reports provided a comprehensive review on the financial affairs of the businesses for all bidders.Development of a financial evaluation model for the 3.5 year (and 12 month extension) Direct Award of First Great Western rail franchise, commencing September 2015. The model was used to evaluate First Great Western’s Financial Model for the direct award period against DfT’s own forecasts.


Bid Modeller / Commercial Analyst



- 30/09/2014

Analysis and financial modelling to price bids for 7 and 10-year management contracts for the Probation Service. Contract value £1.2 billion over 10 years. Full build of the models involved:• Building a staff costing model. Bottom up mapping and analysis of staff activities and timings, in consultation with the bid operational team, to apply against specified activity volumes for all the services provided. Comparison to top down analysis to determine the target FTE requirement and 65% of the bid price;• Analysis and reconfiguration of the Probation Service property portfolio (265 properties throughout England), creating efficiencies through amalgamating and replacing existing properties in accordance with the incidence of crime and the reshaped staffing requirement, and forecasting all property costs over 7 and 10 years.

MTR Corporation Ltd.

Bid Modeller / Commercial Analyst



- 30/04/2014

Analysis and financial modelling for Essex Thameside and Scotrail rail franchise bids. Main tasks included:Creation and monitoring of Finance Programme Plan for the bids to meet the requirements of the Invitation to Tender;Analysis of the incumbent Train Operating Companies' (TOCs') Long Form Reports (LFRs), management accounts, statutory accounts and trial balances in order to establish a cleansed run rate for baseline costs, including raising clarification questions (CQs) to the Department for Transport where required;Designed and built complex business models to fully understand the costs, revenues and NPVs of each bid proposal. This involved challenging Plan Writer’s and Subject Matter Expert’s business case assumptions, ensuring they aligned with Committed Obligation requirements in the Franchise Agreement and incorporating these assumptions into each model. I wrote models for:Station renewals and maintenance for 99 year station leases, including development of the Asset Management Policy and Asset Management Plan;Station and retail development;Retail property letting;Car park management and development;Smart ticketing;CCTV and CIS development and maintenance;Other station related assets;Customer Experience; andHQ costs.The models produced outputs to interface to the main Financial Model to produce detailed revenue and cost forecasts and NPV’s for the bid.I drafted the record of assumptions for the resulting budget items from these models.

London Borough of Haringey

Financial Modeller



- 31/08/2013

Designed and built a zero-base budget cost/benefit model, in consultation with senior staff, to develop a business case for future operating models for Children’s and Young Persons Directorate. Driven by Central Government’s public spending savings programme.

Care Quality Commission

Financial Modeller



- 31/05/2013

Financial modelling to price CQC’s 28 service types to enable full recovery of their £150m budget. Involved reviewing overhead and direct service costs, and modelling these costs using staff activity as a basis for allocating costs to services. Activity analysis was based on discussion with Heads of Service and analysis of 1100 frontline service staff weekly timesheets over one year.This produced a full cost recovery pricing model which was transparent for all service users. Anticipated savings of £33m per annum

Interservefm Ltd

Bid Modeller



- 31/12/2012

Financial modelling to price three regional prime bids for five year facilities management contracts for all 333 Ministry of Defence estates in England and Wales. The total contract was worth over £900m. Full build of the models involved:Analysing Interserve’s existing MoD asset data (100 estates) to determine a bid modelling method and average costing rates to apply to tendered asset data;Analysing large volumes of MoD supplied asset data and modelling this data to determine target staff numbers required to manage the estates;Validating 3,000 TUPE staff details supplied by MoD and modelling this data to produce target staff payroll costs, subcontractor costs, redundancy and all staff related costs such as uniforms, transport, mobile phones and training;Completing the bid pricing for all non-labour costs such as mobilisation, materials, ICT, insurance and administration, and indexing for inflation, growth and efficiency over five years and populating the client templates;Collaboration with joint venture bid partners to gain their buy in to the bid modelling process, commercial assumptions and outcomes;Commercial input for variant bids and scenario analysis including best/worst case cost of change.

Lewisham Homes Ltd

Project Manager - Finance System Implementation



- 30/04/2012

Implementation of Integra Finance System - complete management of the full project cycle from business case and selection of software to go live and post implementation review.Integra finance system replaced an outdated GL and Purchase Ledger only used by finance staff, with a fully integrated GL / AP / AR and purchase order system with electronic invoice storage used by 150 staff members. Also included time recording, project management, budget building and monitoring modules. This involved:Managed the project through all phases including the budget, team and external consultants;Produced “AsIs” and improved “ToBe” process maps for all financial processes in consultation with business users;Completion of project initiation document including business case, project plan, risk analysis, internal communication strategy, quality management and project governance;Completed and issued tender document to six suppliers detailing the system requirements for an integrated system including purchase orders, electronic order and invoice authorisation and monthly budget monitoring for all budget managers;Evaluated completed tenders and software demonstrations and obtained contract award to Capita IB Solutions for Integra Financial software;Configured the system in liaison with Capita IBS to fit the agreed “ToBe” process maps including transfer of current finance system information and re-mapping of 6 existing interfaces from payroll, rental income and property repairs systems;Designed a new chart of accounts and loaded and reconciled all balance and transaction data from the old oracle system to the new system;Designed reporting hierarchies and reports;Tailored training manuals for users and together with finance staff delivered training to 135 operational staff using the suppliers train the trainer approach;Wrote new job descriptions for systems administration roles and delivered UAT;Wrote Project Closure report – delivered £120k savings per annum.

London Borough of Camden

Financial Modeller



- 30/04/2011

Financial modelling to allocate Council support costs to direct services. This eliminated the full time post previously devoted to the task, and made the process transparent and easy to manage. Key tasks completed were:Documentation of the “ToBe” process of the new overhead allocation model;Development of a Council wide overhead allocation Excel spreadsheet model used for budget setting, Council Tax formulation and calculating direct service costs of all Council services in accordance with CIPFA’s Best Value Accounting Code of Practice;Documentation and handover of the model to a permanent staff member.

Lewisham Homes Ltd

Process Improvement



- 31/10/2010

Financial Process Improvement of the monthly management reporting process.


Business Analyst



- 31/07/2009

Regular review and challenge on business areas, their finance staff and monthly financial reporting products to ensure Departmental control totals are monitored fully;Preparation of the Management Board monthly finance report (including commentaries), distributed to Ministers, the NAO and HM Treasury;Technical advice and support to the Finance Director and business areas of all finance matters, including Treasury Consolidated Budgeting Guidance and Government Accounting issues.

Transport for London

Business Performance Accountant



- 30/09/2008

Preparation and review of business cases for new services including purchase of land for bus garage construction, purchase of 111 replacement buses, transfer of Woolwich Ferry to Serco, purchase of hydrogen buses and refuelling station. Financial analysis done in accordance with HM Treasury Green Book;Single point of contact for Planning and Governance team: provided answers to, and facilitated resolution of, issues within Surface Transport; monitored progress of the business planning process relating to Surface Transport and provided regular updates to Surface Transport finance team;Co-ordinated, reviewed and challenged London Buses monthly accounts, budgets, forecasts, and commentaries of 12 management accountants.

Redbridge Homes Ltd

Financial Consultant



- 30/04/2008

Created all the key governance and financial reporting procedures in this company which was formed in April 2007 to manage 7,000 Redbridge Council houses. Key features were:Value for money service reviews. Involved analysing data and processes to identify cost savings and revenue generating opportunities;Benchmarking service costs using activity based costing;.Establishing and documenting financial control, accounting and planning and budgeting procedures. Produced budget management guidelines and financial delegation rules for all budget managers;Development of monthly budget monitoring model and process using Excel and Agresso;Development of business strategy and business planning process. Designed service plans for each service area ensuring their objectives linked into the company objectives.

City West Homes Ltd

Corporate Accountant



- 31/12/2006

CWH was created in 2002 and still used Westminster Council financial and operating procedures which they needed to change in order to operate more efficiently. Grant was the architect and driver behind this process. Key features were:Manager of financial and management accounts section – 5 staff consisting of 1 qualified and 4 part qualified accountants;Selection and implementation of a new general ledger system including documenting all “To Be” financial processes. This reduced finance staff requirements by 20%;Selection and implementation of a new payroll provider;Selection of Sage Timesheet software to record over 400 weekly staff timesheets for costing and benchmarking;Created budget management guidelines for all managers and implemented procedures for financial delegations, purchases and monthly budget monitoring;Development of complex financial models for government rent restructuring, tender evaluations and business proposals;Production of 2 years' Statutory Accounts and Annual Reports under UK GAAP.

Kensington & Chelsea Tenancy Management Organisation

Contract Accountant



- 31/08/2003

Management and Financial Accounting

Housing New Zealand Ltd

Business Improvement Consultant



- 31/12/2002

Process improvement, management and financial accounting and planning. Included:Implementing a budget build and reporting system called Adaytum Planning which was rolled out nationally across 19 locations;Developing asset management policy and plans.

Banque Paribas

Financial Systems Conversion



- 31/12/1995

Merton, Sutton & Wandsworth Health Authority




- 31/12/1993

Financial and management accounting

Ernst & Young




- 31/05/1991

Audit duties and completion of the Chartered Accountant qualification (CAANZ)


Victoria University of Wellington

Accountancy and Psychology

Prince 2

Project Management

Project Management

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Full Stack Modeller

Advanced Financial Modelling



Full Stack Modeller

Excel Mastery



Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

Chartered Accountant