Giovanni Zuzunaga

Chief Executive Officer at Zyta Capital

Berlin, Germany


I am an accomplished executive with 18+ years of experience managing and closing transactions exceeding $3.5 billion. With expertise in ESG investment opportunities within the energy, natural resources, and industrial sectors, I am a catalyst for strategic transitions and sustainable impact. My goal is to contribute to the European startup and SME ecosystem, leveraging my insights and experience. Currently seeking consulting and speaking engagements, interim executive roles, as well as board or advisory positions, I am dedicated to delivering immediate results while driving the growth and success of European startups or established SMEs. I offer strategic guidance, foster innovation, and align financial returns with social and environmental good. With a strong background as CEO of Zyta Assets Ltd in Berlin, I have successfully built and boosted new SMEs in ESG and Cleantech segments, resulting in a portfolio's pre-money valuation of $10mm and an ROI over 10x in two years. At Altamesa Energy Canada Inc, I mobilized resources for a game-changing strategic acquisition worth over $100mm, driving growth and accelerating the organization. My expertise spans strategic partnerships, investor relations, and navigating complex negotiations. Education-wise, I am pursuing an EMBA from ESMT Berlin (graduating in 2024) and have completed programs in strategy consulting, finance, and startup finance and growth. Fluent in English and Spanish, with limited working proficiency in Italian, I actively participate in boards of directors, including Altamesa Energy Canada Inc and Santamaria Minerals S.A. My core competencies include natural resources, energy, venture capital, digital fluency, fundraising solutions, crisis management, ESG investments, and M&A. Let's explore how my experience, strategic acumen, and passion for sustainable impact can drive immediate results and shape the future of European startups and SMEs.

Domain experience

Relevant Total Experience: 18 years

Seniority Level: Senior

Sector Experience: 

Diversified Financials Metals and Mining Oil, Gas and Consumable Fuels


Skilled in: Corporate Strategy, Post Merger Integration (PMI), Divestitures, Venture and minority investments, Joint Venture, Value Creation & Enhancement, Investor Relations, Capital Raising, Fundraising strategy, Exit Strategy, Company Valuation, Buy-Side M&A

Technical Skills: Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Office

Languages: Spanish, Italian, English

Work Experience

Frontera Energy Canada Corp

Country Manager



- 1/9/2009

- Served as leader of operating and investments committees, responsible for strategic agreements and JVs. - Assessed financial solutions in the portfolio for oil and energy projects in which the company had an interest.

Frontera Energy Canada Corp




- 1/8/2012

MAIN ACCOMPLISHMENT: Took over and transformed distressed O&G assets for a successful exit of US$250mm M&A transaction in unfriendly economic conditions. KEY CONTRIBUTIONS: • Served as Executive VP of Petromagdalena Energy, in charge of running business relations with partners, clients, and private and institutional investors • Supported medium and large O&G investments and field operations of US$0.84 billion relating to CAPEX and OPEX activities causing operational and financial success. • Led the structuring and monitoring of corporate ventures (E&P and JV agreements), which involved rigorous financial negotiations and investment planning resulting in clear and transparent business relations with partners and allies. • Improved venture lifecycles and reduced legal, operational, and financial risks and costs.

Frontera Energy Canada Corp




- 1/8/2014

MAIN ACCOMPLISHMENT: Contributed to successful financial outcomes in complex negotiations (e.g., US$300mm acquisition of C&C Energy and US$1.6bn merger with Petrominerales Ltd.) KEY CONTRIBUTIONS: • Succeeded in the promotion of the company to local and foreign private investment funds. • Outpaced the establishment of new businesses and strategic alliances. • Headed Corporate Ventures, Communities, Environmental, and HS departments to ensure favorable conditions for stakeholders.

Altamesa Energy Canada Inc, Montreal

Chief Executive Officer



- 1/9/2017

MAIN ACCOMPLISHMENT: Developed a portfolio of pre-selected production ventures potentially worth US$9bn total investment, 1.6bn barrels reserves, and up to 430,000 bopd resulting in a company´s pre-money valuation of $30mm and ROI over 15x in two years period. KEY CONTRIBUTIONS • Served as founder and investor in seed-stage achieving next strategic milestones: . Scalable organization, stress-test strategy, culture, and accelerated expansion. • Acted as a hands-on investor in Altamesa Energy Canada Inc., accelerating the implementation of its strategy through fundraising negotiations for its key M&A transaction: . Led Altamesa on deal strategy, size, financial structure, and timeline, prepared due diligence documentation, and advised on engagement with potential equity investors. • Lead financing rounds, maintained investor relations, accelerated business plan implementation, and established a growth venture portfolio. • Mapped and arranged a strategic alliance with a mid-large construction and energy services company to bid and operate production assets

Zyta Assets Ltd, Berlin – Germany

Chief Investment Officer



- 1/6/2020

MAIN ACCOMPLISHMENT: Evaluate growth proposal and financial solutions and, in certain instances, draft the financial proposal for the target transactions. . Deliver debt financing Term Sheet of up to $325mm from one of the largest multinational commodity trading to support development investments. . Deliver debt financing Term Sheet of up to $200mm from a private PE investor out of the USA KEY CONTRIBUTIONS: . Led the strategic investments that have an impact on the expansion of a company's resources. . Recruited and guided investment team to allocate resources, assess risks, and make necessary changes to the investment strategy. . Manage a group of qualified professionals who assist in creating both short• and long-term investment plans, suggesting investments, and allocating assets.

Altamesa Energy Canada Inc, Montreal

Executive Board Member



- Now

MAIN ACCOMPLISHMENT: Mobilized internal and external resources to close its game-changer and strategic acquisition (US$100mm+), adding current growth and acceleration. KEY CONTRIBUTIONS: • Established strategic partnerships with global energy-focused PEs, national and independent O&G companies in LatAm, technical and operational companies, and financial ventures in Latin America. • Orchestrated active engagement with shareholders, investors, analysts, syndicate and investment banks, financial funds, and capital markets in general. • Enhanced investor relations through conferences, presentations, panels, roadshows, and media appearances.

Zyta Assets Ltd, Berlin – Germany

Chief Executive Officer



- Now

MAIN ACCOMPLISHMENT: Building culture and boosting the strategy and development of new SMEs in ESG & Cleantech segments in which investors are moving down the new opportunities: Arakan (Medical Cannabis), GnergyPro (LNG and Renewables), and Santamaria Minerals (Small Scale Gold mining), resulting in a portfolio´s pre-money valuation of $10mm and ROI over 10x in two-years period. KEY CONTRIBUTIONS: • Streamlined a strategic investor base of financial organizations in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East • Increased opportunities post-COVID-19 and Ukraine war by collaborating with IESE MBA 2021 scholars to calibrate company strategy and business plan, recruiting, and developing a world-class team, refining business model, growth, and funding strategy, and focusing on ESG and social impact ventures. • Ran Mompos Oil Company's screening, fundraising, acquisition, financial transformation, and sale.



Business Administration



- Now

The EMBA program focuses on personal leadership development, enhancing self-awareness, self-readability, and leadership behaviors. A dedicated faculty and a team of executive coaches support my journey, while informal discussions on leadership topics with experienced global C-level leaders occur periodically. The program balances executive training with professional responsibilities. Business-focused course assignments and ESMT's unique final report structure allow me for project management and enhanced visibility. The program also explores business principles, technology and innovation, and international management modules. I am attending lectures at member universities worldwide, attending conferences at global institutions, and participating in the Evidence-Based Management Module. Strong focus on innovation, based-evidence management, leadership, and value creation. In addition, the program offers a wide range of experiential learning opportunities such as internships, consulting projects, and case competitions. These hands-on experiences provide practical skills and real-world exposure to different industries and business environments. Moreover, the curriculum emphasizes the importance of teamwork and collaboration through group projects and discussions. This fosters a dynamic learning environment where students can exchange ideas and learn from each other's diverse perspectives. Through career coaching sessions, networking events, and alumni connections, students are equipped with the necessary tools to navigate their professional journey successfully. Overall, ESMT's business-focused course assignments and unique final report structure offer a comprehensive education that prepares students for success in today's competitive business landscape.





- 1/6/2001

My degree in Marketing focused on digital marketing and analytics, which allowed me to gain a deep understanding of consumer behavior and data-driven decision-making. Additionally, I honed my skills in market research and analysis, learning how to identify target audiences and develop effective marketing campaigns. As a result, I developed strong project management skills and the ability to work effectively within cross-functional teams. Overall, my degree in Marketing equipped me with a well-rounded skill set that combines creativity, analytical thinking, and strategic planning—qualities that are essential in today's fast-paced business environment. This also had a strong focus on financial topics such as budgeting, financial analysis, and ROI calculations. Through coursework and real-world projects, I gained a deep understanding of financial principles and their application in marketing decision-making. This knowledge has proven invaluable in my career, as it allows me to make data-driven decisions and effectively allocate resources to maximize return on investment. Additionally, my degree provided me with a solid foundation in market research and consumer behavior analysis. I learned how to gather and interpret data to identify market trends, understand customer needs, and develop targeted marketing strategies. This skill set has been instrumental in helping me create successful strategies that resonate with the target audience and drive business growth. These skills have enabled me to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving digital landscape and deliver impactful results for my clients or employers.

Licenses / Certificates

Boston Consulting Group




Global Network for Advanced Management, Berlin-Germany




Università Bocconi, Milan - Italy




London Business School




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