Florian Weigand

Founder and Expert for Technical Due Diligence at BitFlow Advisory

Munich, Germany


Founder BitFlow GmbH - Tech Due Diligence | Enabling better tech investments.

Domain experience

Relevant Total Experience: 10 years

Seniority Level: Senior

Sector Experience: 

Communication Services Consumer Discretionary Consumer Staples Energy Financials FinTech Health Care Industrials Information Technology Materials Real Estate Utilities


Skilled in: Corporate Development, Due Diligence, Legal, Portfolio Services & Add-on M&A, Private Equity & Growth Capital, Sell-side M&A

Languages: German, English

Work Experience


Co-Founder and CTO



- Now

As CTO at Cryptar I am responsible for the design and implementation of the Cryptar notarization protocol, the setup of the frontend and backend infrastructure, the design of the microservice architecture used at Cryptar. Cryptar challenges the blockchain paradigm and combines today’s best practices in a patent pending protocol, focusing on decentralized evidence rather than decentralized operations

BitFlow Advisory

Founder and Expert for Technical Due Diligence



- Now

As the founder of BitFlow Advisory, my role involves designing and developing the framework used to execute technical due diligence. This framework is designed to evaluate the four fundamental pillars of any IT company: the team, the process, the tools and technology, and the code and architecture. We delve into these areas to identify potential issues and provide detailed feedback on how to mitigate these concerns. We offer recommendations on choosing the appropriate technology stack and assist in sourcing employees for vacant positions. As the founder, I am responsible for presenting all information in a manner that is comprehensible to non-technical individuals, ensuring they understand the implications of our findings.


Head of Blockchain



- 31/3/2021

As the Head of Blockchain, I was accountable for the conception, design, and implementation of the notarization protocol of all issued TrueProofs, which are documents summarizing the validated user data. This notarization was carried out using a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. Following this, I was responsible to oversee the development of the TrueProfile.io product suite, encompassed the technical design of the software and the coordination of development with a team of more than 30 developers implementing the feature designed by the product team.

Bernstein Technologies GmbH

Co-Founder and CTO



- 31/8/2017

As CTO at Bernstein, I was responsible for the design of the API and the service-oriented architecture, the infrastructure setup, team management, and the recruitment of new employees. The main application is fully containerized and divided into production and staging environments for seamless and automated testing and releases. The frontend implements an encryption layer using WebCrypto API where all user input is only stored fully encrypted in transit and on rest (end-to-end encryption). The Bitcoin blockchain is used as settlement-layer for the designed notarization protocol.

Planerio GmbH

Interim CTO



- 30/11/2016

As Interim CTO at Planerio, I was involved in the design and implementation of the time tracking service and provided consultation for the shift-optimization algorithm. I also contributed to the design and conceptualization of the backend.


Lead Software Engineer for Backend



- 31/7/2016

As Lead Software Engineer for Backend I was conceptualizing and designing the Foodora Backend, which was utilized by over 2000 restaurants. The restaurants used this backend to input their details, manage their opening hours, handle orders, and manage payouts. Additionally, I developed a machine learning algorithm that predicted future orders based on historical data, which assisted in optimally positioning the riders while they awaited new orders.

Flughafen München GmbH

Working Student in Software Engineer



- 31/1/2015

Implementation of an interactive indoor passenger navigation and information system at Munich Airport. Development of a prototype of the Munich Airport app for Windows Phone.

Bosch Security Systems

Master Thesis



- 30/11/2014

Design of a redundant fire detection system and the composition of the Master Thesis “Analysis and Evaluation of Redundancy Concepts in the Area of Safety-Critical Applications”

Siemens Corporate Research

Internship in Requirements Engineering



- 30/9/2012

Design and implementation of the requirements engineering modeling language “URML”. The language is based on UML and implemented in the modeling software Enterprise Architect.


Working Stundent Software Development



- 30/9/2012

Implementation of a numerical model to evaluate the strength and tightness of pipelines considering the non-linear compressibility of water.


Technical University of Munich



- 31/1/2014

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya



- 31/1/2013

Technical University of Munich



- 31/1/2011

Licenses / Certificates


IBM Certified Database Administrator



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