Christoph H. Schaller

Leader | Corporate development | Transformation | Operations | M&A

Villach, Austria


I am a highly motivated senior leader and support teams to find better ways. I am proactive, analytic and move fast with discipline, with 20 years of experience in manufacturing, process technology and logistics field. With a great background in manufacturing engineering with focus into Surface mounted technology metal and plastic processing, tool and die making, jig making, box build process and assembly automation. Before Flex I managed, within the logistic field in various positions including CEO, the Austrian entities Villach and Vienna executing transportation to Turkey and Greece. In parallel, starting in my previous company and finally within Flex I successfully completed the economic degree with clear focus in production-, logistic and environmental management, controlling and strategic business management including marketing and international management. Since 2008 I have worked within Flex and I have gained experience in various areas. In addition to continuous improvement where I started within Flex, I brought great value into operation disciplines and production management and transformed new process technologies and innovation as well. I have extensively executed the first greater medical automation project in China for Flex. Since 2014 I have strengthened the areas of industrialization, testing, technology & automation and was able to set I4.0 standards at the site entity in Althofen with a great team achieving incredible results. I have managed the European operations for Flex's Health Solutions business till January 2021. From 2022 to 2023 I have managed the Logic Endavour Group from product development till mass production for a modern, ambitious product range that includes lifting frames, lifting columns, and lifting components for adjustable needs in desk, bases and much more industries. Focusing into post merger integration work, business development and new business segment development.

Domain experience

Relevant Total Experience: 20 years

Seniority Level: Senior

Sector Experience: 

Aerospace and Defense Electrical Equipment Health Care Industrial Conglomerates


Skilled in: Corporate Development, Commercial Due Diligence, Technical Due Diligence, Vendor Due Diligence, Buy-and-Build, Corporate Governance & ESG, Target financing

Technical Skills: VBA, SQL, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, SAP, Matlab, Microsoft Office, Tableau

Languages: German, English, Croatian, Slovenian

Work Experience





- 1/12/2023

Logicdata & Logicendeavour GmbH Deutschlandsberg 8530 LOGICDATA embodies a sophisticated, holistic philosophy that meets the needs of partners and users through customized, made to measure inline adjustable solutions. The “One Stop Shop”, is a modern, ambitious product range that includes lifting frames, lifting columns, and lifting components for adjustable desks, in addition to adjustable bases. Direct Reports: Sales & Marketing, R&D, Operation (Production, Supply Chain, Logistics…), Legal, Human Resource, Finance & Controlling and Administration Manufacturing entities Czech and Hungary Sales entities US, Austria and China R&D and Industrialization entity Austria Main Focus Areas and Achievements: • Establishing new business areas with the core product and define long term growth business pipeline according the long term strategy: ◦ Build up Logistics & Motor segment, new business achievement pipeline from 0 ◦ Launched two new Products (Optimus & LogicFlex) reduced timeline ◦ Acted as the Interim VP for Market & Products fom July 2022 • Standardization and integration setup within the group (new ownership (Zhejiang Jiecang Linear Motion Technology Co., Ltd since July 2021), setuped liaison structure and enlarged cross functional communication • Organization restructuring to drive better efficiency, more value stream orientated • Build the foundation for a global operation with focus local for local manufacturing and worldwide supply chain optimization • Organized and Mentored two Kaizens with each 4 6 teams , biggest achievement cost avoidance (space optimization) and efficiency hard savings • Build up a compliance structure including CoC Business or sector: high adjustable tables and bed frames (mechatronic like motors and frame) Country’s: Europe, US, China


Senior Director Of Operations



- 1/2/2022

Flextronics International GmbH Althofen 9330 (Flex) (Flex is a global supply chain & manufacturing solutions provider and help design, build, & deliver products to make the world a better place. Fortune 500, 170k HC 100+ facilities across 30 countries) 2020 Responsible for Healthcare Solution (Medical) business across Europe (Printed Circuit Board Assembly, Final Product Assembly, High Level Assembly, Molding and Tooling) and develop design, manufacturing and logistic strategies for customers. Managing the health solution footprint and manufacturing technology needed. Managed P&L for Health Care Solution related business for entire Europe with great focus on profitable growth. Focusing medical equipment, medical devices and Pharma drug delivery & Digital including vertical integrated tooling and plastic. The worldwide health solution segment is serving a $8 10 billion market impact with class I III devices. Actual manging growth to double the size of the business in Europ e. Supporting Flex worldwide initiative to support around the globe with life saving product as response to the COVID 19 pandemic. Fully focused into quick ramps on high quality standards and ensured deliveries on short notice. May 2018 - Dec 2019 Responsible for Reliability Solution (Automotive and Medical) for dedicated sites develop business solution in the region. Managing a cross functional team focusing into industry initiatives in relation to Technology and Innovation opportunities into the r egion. Responsibility for investment decisions within Europe. In addition, acted as an internal management consultant for brownfield integration project focusing strategy, organization, ramp up and quality management system in US from Nov 2018 till May 2019. Business or sector: Medical and Automotive including tooling and plastic injection. Country’s: Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Hungary, Romania, USA Chicago


General Manager



- 1/8/2019

In parallel led the interims General Manager position Jan 2019 – Aug 2019 automotive site drove change management and coached the team to encourage the new hired GM started in Sep 2019.


Director Engineering & Technology



- 1/10/2018

Flextronics International GmbH Althofen 9330 (Flex since 2015) Main function responsibilities: Manufacturing Engineering & New Product Engineering, Technology and Central Laboratory, Automation, Test Development and Engineering, Manufacturing Execution System, Part Release, Maintenance, Industrialization, VAVE (Value Analysis and Value Engineering) with a powerful team closed to 200 Engineers. Managed the whole factory asset, new process development (approximately 15 - 20industrialization projects in parallel focusing on fast time to market and profitability) and introduction, developing and execution of the technology & automation roadmap including full budget responsibility. Guiding and advising the global engineering an d acted as technical sales representative for greater business opportunities. Developed continuous improvement processes in relation to engineering, automation & technology prospective. From 2015 till 2018 lead the site strategy, setting clear expectation on the future way for the site in Althofen. Especially set the standard for Industry 4.0 / Digitalisation and set the milestone for the organisational change to achieve the long term str ategic goals long term personnel development, industry 4.0 & digitalization, smart end to supply chain, and sustainable growth. 2014 - 2020 leading product innovation centre Europe where I lead, coached and stimulating the top 4 strategic projects in the area 3d printing miniaturization and integration of electronic, flexible assembly automation collaborative robotic and logist ic automation intelligent fleet management for autonomous vehicles) with FH Kärnten, Johanneum Research and TU Graz. Business or sector: Medical, Industrial, Cleantech, Equipment Manufacturing, Automotive


Technical Project Manager



- 1/12/2013

Flextronics Althofen delegate to Gushu Shenzhen, China Leading medical project as Project Manager in China in relation to factory automation Machinery. Demonstrate the organization how to manage automation operation onsite Gushu. Managing local automation supplier to fulfil time schedule and lead technical discussion with customer and supplier. Assessed the local automation organization for the first two lines. Developed onsite with corporate IT the automation OEE live monitoring. Executed the ramp up of the automation line and developed continuous improving process for existing line via retrofit plan and prepared the base for the implementation into the 2 nd and 3 rd automation line. Full project budget controlling and direct corporate Executive reporting. Business or sector: Medical


Value Stream Manager / Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt



- 1/12/2012

Flextronics International GmbH Althofen 9330 Value Stream Manager at Operation & Lean Supply Chain leading and disciplinarian Procurement, Customer Service (scheduling) and Production at assigned Value Stream at areas clean tech, industrial and consumer, improving and driving key performance indicators accordingly, like lead time, on time in full, efficiency, total material loss, turnover, operating profit etc. Including customer P&L responsibility and managed 350 - 400 team size. Responsible for clean tech and medical customer. Major achievement turnaround for a 200M$ revenue business back into double digit high profitable zone by executing lean and six sigma initiatives within 8 months. Lean Six Sigma culture was integrated into Value Stream Management, Continuous improvement was part of daily business. Business or sector: Industrial (large format equipment), Medical, Cleantech


Lean Professional



- 1/10/2010

Flextronics International GmbH Althofen 9330 Leading and mentoring Lean Six Sigma Projects including Kaizens at the shop floor and office. Developing and executing lean six sigma green belt training including creation of training documents. Actively engaged into shingijutsu events, every second year. Developing the Value Stream Management functional organisation including KPIs in closed collaboration with the site management board with the focus to remove department walls and silo thinking and establish a holistic process workflow and information flow for the value streams. I was granted to be the first Pilot Value Stream Manager onsite. The value stream organisation was well part of my diploma thesis. Business or sector: Industrial, Medical


Project Thesis Purchasing and Innovation



- 1/9/2009

Flextronics International GmbH Althofen 9330 Illustrated the “Organisational form Value stream management” as starting point for my diploma thesis which targets (KPIs) will influence positive business objectives, which lean and six sigma tools (like value stream mapping, process map…) are needed to support the value stream (material and information flow) activities and which controlling tools will help like target costing and process controlling. Influenced the “virtual supply chain controlling” at “purchasing and innovation”; establishing logistic key data matrix and ABC/XYZ calculation/ inventory controlling and on time in full analyses. Between Aug 2008 and Apr 2009 fulltime student. Business or sector: Industrial

Transoptima GmbH




- 1/1/2008

Transoptima GmbH Villach/Vienna 9500/1050 Operational and Strategic leadership incl. controlling and financial responsibilities. Main duties and responsibilities director terminal Villach and Vienna (team size 70 administration, worker and technician) including communication, correspondence and interaction with the Austrian federal railways, customs and border control. Arranged and streamlined contract negotiations and timetable creation with the Austrian federal r ailways passenger traffic Carinthia and the heavy rail Vienna. Business or sector: passenger traffic and logistic

Transoptima GmbH




- 1/10/2004

Transoptima GmbH Villach 9500 Customer care, staffing, personnel management (leadership) / administration, scheduling and monitoring exclusive for the Optima Express motorail trains / guidance of technical staff from cooperation companies (Bulgaria and Serbia) / organisation and leader ship “promotion train corridor 10” including general management of the federal railways along the corridor / collaboration with the Optima Tours GmbH Munich including strategic scheduling Optima Express motorails / business development along the corridor X Business or sector: passenger traffic and logistic


Universität Klagenfurt




- 1/1/2011

production-, logistic and environmental management including lean, six sigma, supply chain, strategic sourcing, continuous improvement, production planning, logistic and materials management principles / controlling and strategic business management and m arketing and international management / diploma thesis: “Proactive Value Stream Management to increase competitiveness”

Höhere Technische Bundeslehr- und Versuchsanstalt Ferlach



- 1/1/2000

Metal and plastic processing, tool and die making, jig making, assembly automation, project management and economic competence, producing complex work pieces, pneumatic and hydraulic, CAD (AutoCAD and Pro Engineer), utilizing CAD CAM, CNC, manual turning and milling, individual planning and documentation of work processes,

Licenses / Certificates


Lean Professional




Six Sigma Black Belt



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