Carolina Buonomo

Senior Director at EY-Parthenon | MBA Candidate at IE | Strategy & Operations | Corporate Finance |

Barcelona, Spain


Public Accountant and bachelor’s degree in finance with more than 7 years of consulting experience in international companies and start-ups in several different industries performing financial, strategic and operational advisory services throughout transactions and transformational life cycles. Gained, through different size of clients and industries, strong problem solving, analytical skills and resilience to quickly adapt to changing environments and continue reaching high-quality results. Culturally aware and internationally traveled leader skilled in cultivating relationships and in managing and working with internal and external teams and stakeholders. Team leader with proven ability to hire, coach and motivate junior members.

Domain experience

Relevant Total Experience: 7 years

Seniority Level: Manager

Sector Experience: 

Capital Goods Commercial and Professional Services Consumer Durables and Apparel Consumer Services Equity Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) Food and Staples Retailing Food, Beverage and Tobacco Retailing


Skilled in: Corporate Strategy

Technical Skills: VBA, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Bloomberg, Microsoft Office, Capital IQ, PowerBI, Tableau

Languages: Spanish, English

Work Experience





- 01/10/2022

Participating in the incubation program at Demium by developing an startup in the vertical of psychedelic assisted psycotherapy.<br />Mentoring other startups in the topics related to: fundraising, growth strategy, pitch deck building, business economics, among others.

EY Parthenon

Senior Director



- 01/10/2022


Director Strategy & Operations



- Now

• Execute ~10 financial, strategic and operational projects focusing on buy & integrate, working capital optimization and strategic planning (including market sizing, scenario planning, market entry analysis and roll out of strategic initiatives), oriented to optimize business performance, mitigate deal risk, release cash and improve company’s profitability. Major Projects • Formulated for a textile giant a fact-based case study of apparel peers’ market entry strategy in the Brazilian market by mapping strategies adopted by selected peers; measuring pros and cons of each alternative, and evaluating capabilities and partnerships to establish a robust structure. • Designed possible combinations of scenarios over next five years around business dimensions of a winery company recently acquired by a global leader beverage company impacted by structural market changes in order to evaluate main implications in each scenario and map capabilities to strengthen market position. • Recommended a multinational insurance company by carrying out a deep dive analysis of its customer journey, distribution channels and marketing approach current strategy, behind launching and developing Motor digital value offering in a LATAM country, and planning strategic initiatives over next 2 years aiming to position among top 5 companies. • Formulated a 5-year strategic vision plan for a multinational insurance company by conducting primary and secondary research, analyzing market attractiveness and ability to compete, defining growth levers and operating model to achieve a significant market share growth in a LATAM country, among top 5 companies. • Delivered operational advisory services on the U$S 400M merger and acquisition of two multinational insurance companies including development and deployment of detailed Day 1 readiness and post Day 1 integration plans and integration execution phase to help management achieve end-state operating model and capture synergies. . Advised an international football federation in the development of the strategic plan for digital transformation and growth that allows it to realize its ambition in terms of income and development of the sports ecosystem under its orbit in its geography and in the definition of the most appropriate institutional, commercial, operational and fiscal structure for a partnership and development of the corresponding financial business case.





- 01/03/2020


Senior Consultant Corporate Finance



- 01/05/2019

• Performed ~60 company valuations through different approaches [Income, Market and Cost Approach] across multiple industries, collaborating with international teams and engaging directly with client's management. Created business models to project different sensibilities of key variables, such as macroeconomic scenarios, commercial opportunities, investments, strategic alliances, margins and prepared presentations to Company management illustrating macroeconomic context in Latin America countries. • Project Delivery – Managed multiple overlapping projects (maximum of 7 within peak) by leading a team of ~12 consultants, managing to keep all projects on schedule. • Team Development – Hired ~10 and mentored ~40 junior and senior analysts; helped with onboarding, career management, technical knowledge and networking. Major Projects • Counseled largest fast fashion local company to expand operations in 2 continents, assess cost determination, build a monthly/fortnightly rolling forecast to optimize cash allocation and give strategic advice to C-level. • Assessed a multinational sports apparel company in restructuring key supplier debt and feasibility analysis of the operating model change in Argentina for over 1 year. • Advised Audit Team reviewing Purchase Price Allocation and identifying and estimating intangibles within a U$S 245M acquisition of a shopping and office building. • Executed city zoo take-over to be transformed into an ecological park by modelling deficit generated during 12 subsequent months and quantifying take-over risks.


Experience Assistant in Corporate Finance



- 01/06/2016


Assistant in Corporate Finance



- 01/06/2015


Assistant - Bank Auditing



- 01/08/2011


IE Business School




- 01/02/2022




- 01/02/2017




- 01/02/2013

Licenses / Certificates


EY Better Us - Inclusion and Belonging - Learning




EY Sustainability - Climate change and sustainability - Learning




EY Analytics - Data visualization - Bronze




Duolingo English Test




Google Analytics Certification



Beta Gamma Sigma Member

Lifetime member at BGS