Where Financial Advisors Get Advice From: Insights from Gene Goldman, CIO of Cetera Financial Group

In this episode of the Wall Street Lab podcast, we had the opportunity to interview Gene Goldman, the Chief Investment Officer and Director of Research at Cetera Financial Group. In this episode, we will dive into the key takeaways from the interview and explore how they combine quantitative and qualitative data to generate insights for financial investment decisions.
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What is Cetera Financial Group?

Cetera Financial Group is one of the largest independent financial advisor networks in the US, providing a range of financial services to both individual and institutional clients. Unlike traditional broker-dealers, Cetera operates as a complete wealth hub, supporting financial advisors and institutions by offering the latest solutions, reports, and support services. Their unique approach allows them to cater to different types of advisors and provide tailored solutions for their clients.

The Role of Chief Investment Officer

As the Chief Investment Officer, Gene’s role is crucial in driving investment strategies and overseeing the selection of investment options for Cetera Financial Group. He and his team provide research, insights, and commentaries to help advisors address investment needs. They focus on three major concerns for financial professionals: uncertainty in financial markets, investment strategies in a changing environment, and assistance in selecting the right investment products. Gene’s team conducts in-depth analysis and due diligence to identify the best investment options for Cetera’s advisors.

Gene Goldman
Gene Goldman

The Investment Process

The investment process at Cetera Financial Group follows a three-step approach: quantitative screening, qualitative analysis, and timing.

During the quantitative screening phase, the team analyzes historical performance data to identify potential investment options.

The qualitative analysis phase involves diving deeper into the investment philosophy, process, and decision-making strategies of fund managers.

Finally, timing plays a crucial role in aligning investments with market conditions and predicting future performance.

The Importance of Ongoing Monitoring

A unique aspect of Cetera’s investment process is the emphasis on ongoing monitoring.

This involves regularly reviewing the performance of recommended investments and identifying any deviations from expectations. Monitoring allows the team to make informed decisions, adjust portfolios, and communicate with advisors and clients based on changing market conditions. Daily performance reports, monthly performance reviews, and quarterly portfolio reviews are essential components of this process.

We spend the majority of our time, about 70-80%, on gathering qualitative data to power our insights.

Skillsets and Differentiation

When it comes to career development in the financial industry, Gene emphasizes several key skills and qualities. First and foremost, having a market perspective is crucial. This involves keeping up with economic trends, staying informed about current events, and developing a deep understanding of market dynamics. Second, being inquisitive and asking insightful questions is essential for analyzing investments and understanding the decision-making process of fund managers. Lastly, effective communication and presentation skills are vital for articulating market perspectives and investment recommendations.


Gene Goldman’s expertise and insights shed light on the processes and considerations involved in navigating the financial landscape. By understanding these key takeaways, investors can make informed decisions and work towards optimizing their investment portfolios.

Listen to the entire conversation on The Wall Street Lab podcast with Andi von Hirschhausen.

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