M&A Recruitment with Fintalent: The easiest way to hire top Corporate M&A and Strategy professionals

Fintalent is a tech-enabled disruptor in the global recruitment industry. We experienced pure frustration – as candidates – with how traditional recruitment worked and hadn’t evolved in decades.

M&A Recruitment

M&A recruitment should be simple, cost & time efficient, and effective.

This is what sets us apart from traditional recruiters and recruitment platforms.

M&A Recruitment Specialists

At Fintalent we solely focus on M&A professionals and Strategy professionals. We have a deep understanding of this vertical globally, and have interviewed more than 2,000 professionals over the last 2 years. Fintalent was founded by former M&A executive professionals, who saw that mergers and acquisitions teams could and should be built differently.

A Community Driven Approach

Great people know great people and our Community Driven approach to recruitment ensures that we can offer the best candidates around! Not only do our internal team have an excellent grasp of the Mergers & Acquisitions recruitment landscape, but professionals within our Fintalent community are quick to suggest colleagues and friends on our platform for open roles (and these suggestions overwhelmingly lead to an excellent fit!).

Our Talent Pool

Our talent pool of Mergers & Acquisitions specialists are invite-only, and have all been pre-vetted and interviewed on joining the platform. Professionals on our platform range from 2nd/3rd year Analysts to C-Level talent. We have talent from all over the globe, who have transaction experience spanning many geographic markets. The majority of our talent spent time in industry before transitioning into financial services – you can filter by over 2,900 industries on our platform.

Direct Search

Should you require specialists not on our platform, our Fintalent team have extensive experience of direct talent search, particularly at the Executive hiring level.


From initial meeting to shortlist we can present excellent candidates to you in less than 48 hours. Typically our clients are interviewing our talent within a week. Recruiting for Mergers & Acquisition teams doesn’t need to take months!


Traditional Executive Search firms charge in the region of 25-33% in fees for permanent hires. We charge 20% and only ask for payment on success.

Here to Help!

The Fintalent team is available to help guide you through the recruitment process and we can shortlist talent for you that we think would be a great fit. From there, you can schedule interviews and contract talent, all within our platform! We truly believe we have created the easiest way to hire top Corporate M&A and Strategy professionals and consultants – get in touch with our team if you’d like to find out more!

1. Pick from more than 2,900 industries

Post your permanent job conveniently via our client dashboard. We will quickly discuss your needs with you.


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2. Receive your personal shortlist of tier-1 M&A and Strategy talent

Don’t worry, we are an invite-only platform. All our Fintalents are pre-vetted, hand-selected, and we have talked to every Fintalent before shortlisting them. 

3. Schedule an interview

Conveniently schedule a call and find the best fit for your role you are trying to fill.

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