Flexible M&A Deal Staffing

Flexible M&A Deal Staffing

M&A talent to support or lead any deal. Just when you need it.

Get access to 1500+ M&A and Private Equity professionals and freelancers. Our ex investment bankers and Corporate Development professionals can lead or support any deal, with hourly, daily, or full-time commitment. In 40 countries and 2,900 sectors.

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We are a community-based M&A staffing platform.

Get access to the best M&A and Private Equity professionals for to build up your pipeline, execute deals, or build your flexible M&A team.

Full Flexibility

Pick your commitment

Hire your Fintalent on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis – just like you need them. 

Personal Service

We take care of you

We’re experts and will guide you through the process with highly personal service.


The right talent for the job

Select granularly from 2,900 sectors, 40 countries, and exact seniorities.

Fintalent is the fastest way to get hyper-specialized M&A talent

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How the pricing works

Our Fintalents define their own rates. They include the charges for our platform. We believe in 100% transparent pricing, with no surprises.

For our projects, you can choose between hourly, daily and full-time pricing – whatever works better for the project you have in mind.

Want to get an estimate of an hourly rate? Check out our salary guide or schedule a call with us.

Project Pricing

How much do we charge?
20% of talent rate
  • Talents choose their own rate
  • 2,9% goes to Stripe, Mastercard, Visa
  • 5% goes to our talent community
  • 12,1% goes to Fintalent