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8 years experience | Manager



Ferhat Hekim

Investment Banking Professional

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2 years experience | Analyst



Naomi Roba

Freelancer // Finance, M&A, research, analysis & communication

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10 years experience | Senior



Luca Puglisi

Post-Merger Integration & Transformation

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28 years experience | Senior



Ralph Becker

Trusted Advisor, Interim Manager, Lawyer and Specialist Lawyer for Tax Law

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9 years experience | Senior

United States


Thibault Usson

Fractional Corporate Development Director / M&A Advisor

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15 years experience | Senior



Matthias Eckermann

Experienced CFO & M&A Executive

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12 years experience | Senior



Kora Cora Krause

Senior Corp. Strategy and M&A Manager focusing on ESG (VP level)

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1 year experience | Associate



Antonio Borrero Viguera

Senior Adviser | Deal Advisory | Transaction Services at KPMG Luxembourg

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1 year experience | Senior



Mario Baumgart

Director of Technology at TechMiners

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13 years experience | Senior



Dali Chammari

M&A Consultant

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16 years experience | Senior



Markus Boll

Managing Director at BTX Partners GmbH

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25 years experience | Senior



Dirk Spalthoff

Independent Strategy and M&A Advisor | Transaction Advisor | Corporate Finance | CFO & Next Generation Finance Transformer

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Guide to hiring the right Exit Strategy consultant

What does a Exit Strategy consultant do? And how can you find the right one? Learn more in our hiring guide for Exit Strategy consultants.

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Frequently asked questions

Our Exit Strategy consultants work with clients in 40+ countries. Our clients are Corporate Development divisions, Private Equity backed companies, and fast-growing ventures.
Fintalent is not a staffing agency. We are a community of best-in-class Exit Strategy professionals, highly specialized within their domains. We have streamlined the process of engaging the best Exit Strategy talent and are able to provide clients with Exit Strategy professionals within 48 hours of first engaging them. We believe that our platform provides more value for Corporates, Ventures, Private Equity and Venture Capital firms, and Family Offices.
Our Exit Strategy consultants have extensive experience in Exit Strategy. Most of them have buy-side, sell-side M&A, or Private Equity experience.
Fintalent.io is an invite-only platform and we believe in the power of referrals and a closed-loop community. Members of our community are able to invite a small number of professionals onto the platform. In addition, our team actively scouts for the best talent who have experience in investment banking or have worked at a global top management consultancy. All of our community-referred talent and scouted talent are subject to a rigorous screening process. As such, over the last 18 months totaling more than 750 hours of onboarding calls, of which only 40% have received an invite-link after the call. Our Exit Strategy consultants have experience in leading firms as well as interfacing with clients and wider corporate structures and management. What makes our Exit Strategy talent pool stand out is the fact that they have technical backgrounds in over 2,900 industries.

We operate world-wide and have clients in North America, Europe, APAC, and MENA.

Pricing depends on seniority, location, and project duration. For our pricing structure, please refer to our Pricing page.

Hiring guide to find the perfect Exit Strategy consultant

An exit strategy is a crucial element of any business plan. It outlines the steps and processes for an owner to successfully sell, merge, or liquidate their business. Engaging external consultants can provide valuable insights, streamline the process, and help achieve the best possible outcome. This guide will walk you through setting up an exit strategy and explain how external consultants can play a vital role in the planning and execution stages.

  1. Define your objectives and timeline

Begin by setting clear objectives for your exit strategy. Identify the reasons for exiting the business, such as retirement, pursuing new opportunities, or financial gain. Determine your preferred timeline for executing the exit strategy, keeping in mind that this process may take several months to a few years, depending on the complexity of the business.

How external consultants can help: External consultants can assist in defining objectives and creating a realistic timeline. They can provide an unbiased perspective, helping you to assess your goals and prioritize your needs.

  1. Conduct a business valuation

To understand the true value of your business and set a price for potential buyers, a comprehensive business valuation is necessary. This involves assessing the company’s financial health, assets, liabilities, and market position.

How external consultants can help: External consultants specializing in business valuation can help you determine the fair market value of your company, identify potential value-enhancing strategies, and provide guidance on structuring the transaction to optimize financial outcomes.

  1. Develop a comprehensive exit plan

Create a detailed exit plan outlining the steps to be taken, including legal, financial, and operational aspects. This should also include a communications strategy to inform stakeholders about the planned exit.

How external consultants can help: External consultants can help you develop a comprehensive exit plan by providing expert guidance on each aspect of the process. They can also help identify potential risks and create contingency plans to address them.

  1. Prepare your business for sale

Before bringing your business to market, take steps to optimize its value and appeal to potential buyers. This may involve improving operational efficiency, resolving any outstanding legal or financial issues, and demonstrating a clear growth trajectory.

How external consultants can help: External consultants can conduct a thorough review of your business operations, identify areas for improvement, and provide recommendations to enhance its value. They can also help you address any potential roadblocks to a successful exit.

  1. Engage potential buyers and negotiate terms

Identify and engage potential buyers or merger partners. This process may involve creating a confidential information memorandum, a document that highlights the key aspects of your business and serves as a marketing tool for potential buyers.

How external consultants can help: External consultants can support the process of identifying and engaging potential buyers. They can also help in negotiating the terms of the transaction, ensuring that your interests are protected and that you achieve the best possible outcome.

  1. Execute the exit strategy and transition the business

Once the terms of the transaction have been agreed upon, work with your external consultants, legal counsel, and financial advisors to execute the exit strategy. This will involve finalizing the legal and financial aspects of the transaction and facilitating a smooth transition of the business to the new owner.

How external consultants can help: External consultants can help ensure a seamless execution of your exit strategy by coordinating with your legal and financial advisors. They can also support the transition process by providing guidance on change management and communication strategies.


Setting up an exit strategy is a complex process that requires careful planning, execution, and support. Engaging external consultants can help business owners navigate this process more efficiently and achieve the best possible outcome. By following the steps outlined in this guide and leveraging the expertise of external consultants, you can create a successful exit strategy that meets your objectives and maximizes the value of your business.

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