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Freelance M&A Deal Execution Consultant
Senior Corporate Development, ex-Google
20 years experience | Senior | San Francisco
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Freelance M&A Deal Execution Consultant
Independent Consultant
15 years experience | Senior | London, United Kingdom
• Available
Freelance M&A Deal Execution Consultant
8 years experience | Manager | Kolkata, West Bengal, India
• Available
Freelance M&A Deal Execution Consultant
Freelance M&A and Strategic Advisor at Freelance
8 years experience | Manager | Budapest, Hungary
• Available
Freelance M&A Deal Execution Consultant
Private Equity | Venture Capital | M&A
13 years experience | Senior | Zürich, Switzerland
• Available
Freelance M&A Deal Execution Consultant
Connector, contributor, investor, advisor
8 years experience | Manager | London

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Guide to hiring the right M&A Deal Execution consultant

What does a M&A Deal Execution consultant do? And how can you find the right one? Learn more in our hiring guide for M&A Deal Execution consultants.

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Our M&A Deal Execution consultants work with clients in 40+ countries. Our clients are Corporate Development divisions, Private Equity backed companies, and fast-growing ventures.

Fintalent is not a staffing agency. We are a community of best-in-class M&A Deal Execution professionals, highly specialized within their domains. We have streamlined the process of engaging the best M&A Deal Execution talent and are able to provide clients with M&A Deal Execution professionals within 48 hours of first engaging them. We believe that our platform provides more value for Corporates, Ventures, Private Equity and Venture Capital firms, and Family Offices.

Our M&A Deal Execution consultants have extensive experience in M&A Deal Execution. Most of them have buy-side, sell-side M&A, or Private Equity experience.

Fintalent.io is an invite-only platform and we believe in the power of referrals and a closed-loop community. Members of our community are able to invite a small number of professionals onto the platform. In addition, our team actively scouts for the best talent who have experience in investment banking or have worked at a global top management consultancy. All of our community-referred talent and scouted talent are subject to a rigorous screening process. As such, over the last 18 months totaling more than 750 hours of onboarding calls, of which only 40% have received an invite-link after the call.

Our M&A Deal Execution consultants have experience in leading firms as well as interfacing with clients and wider corporate structures and management. What makes our M&A Deal Execution talent pool stand out is the fact that they have technical backgrounds in over 2,900 industries.

We operate world-wide and have clients in North America, Europe, APAC, and MENA.

Pricing depends on seniority, location, and project duration. For our pricing structure, please refer to our Pricing page.

Hiring guide to find the perfect M&A Deal Execution consultant

What is M&A deal execution?

M&A deal execution refers to the process of carrying out the necessary steps and activities to complete a merger or acquisition transaction. This includes deal sourcing, valuation, negotiation, due diligence, and closing. The goal of M&A deal execution is to successfully complete the transaction while maximizing value, minimizing risks, and achieving the strategic objectives of the involved parties.

Why is the goal of M&A deal execution?

Companies pursue M&A deal execution to:

  1. Expand market presence, enter new markets, or acquire new customers.
  2. Acquire valuable assets, technologies, or intellectual property.
  3. Consolidate market share or eliminate competition.
  4. Achieve cost synergies, economies of scale, or operational efficiencies.
  5. Diversify the company’s product or service portfolio.

What are key elements of deal execution?

M&A deal execution encompasses a wide range of activities and strategic approaches to ensure the successful completion of a merger or acquisition. The process begins with the development of an acquisition strategy, which defines the rationale and objectives of the transaction. This is followed by target screening and the creation of a long-shortlist of potential targets that meet the desired criteria. Deal structuring is a critical aspect of M&A execution, as it involves determining the financial and legal terms of the transaction.

In some cases, alternative finance options may be explored, such as debt financing or private equity investments.

Bolt-on acquisitions, where an acquired company is integrated into an existing business unit, and consolidation, which combines multiple entities into a single organization, are common strategies employed during M&A transactions. Other approaches include customer segmentation to identify and prioritize key markets, as well as exploring joint ventures and partnerships to collaborate on projects and share risks. Throughout the M&A process, a Project Management Office (PMO) is often established to oversee and coordinate activities, ensuring a smooth and efficient execution. In addition to large-scale transactions, small business acquisitions can also be an integral part of a company’s growth strategy. Target financing, which involves securing funds to support the acquisition, is a crucial component of successful M&A deal execution.

What are typical issues during M&A deal execution?

Typical blockers in deal execution include:

  1. Valuation disagreements: Differing opinions on the value of the target company can lead to protracted negotiations or even the termination of a deal.
  2. Regulatory hurdles: M&A transactions may face regulatory scrutiny, which can delay or even prevent a deal from going through, especially in cases of antitrust concerns or foreign investment restrictions.
  3. Cultural and organizational misalignment: Disparities in corporate culture and organizational structure between the acquiring and target companies can pose significant challenges to the integration process, potentially derailing a deal.
  4. Financing issues: Difficulty in securing financing for the transaction, either through equity or debt, can impede deal execution.
  5. Due diligence complications: The discovery of unforeseen risks, liabilities, or issues during the due diligence process can stall negotiations or cause a deal to fall through.
  6. Negotiation of terms and conditions: Disagreements over deal terms, such as purchase price adjustments, indemnification clauses, or representations and warranties, can prolong negotiations and create roadblocks in deal execution.
  7. Integration planning challenges: The lack of a clear integration plan or failure to identify potential synergies and cost-saving opportunities can hinder the success of a deal.
  8. Stakeholder resistance: Opposition from key stakeholders, such as shareholders, employees, or customers, can create challenges in executing a deal.
  9. Retention of key personnel: The potential loss of key employees from the target company due to uncertainties or concerns about the transaction can impact the overall success of the deal.
  10. Market conditions and competition: Unfavorable market conditions or competitive bidding for the target company can cause delays or complications in deal execution.

Why would companies hire a freelance consultant to help them with M&A deal execution?

Companies may hire a freelance consultant to help with M&A deal execution for several reasons:

  1. Access to specialized expertise: Freelance consultants often have extensive knowledge and experience in M&A transactions, providing valuable insights and guidance.
  2. Objective perspective: An external consultant can provide an unbiased assessment of the deal, ensuring a more effective approach.
  3. Time and resource efficiency: Consultants can help streamline the M&A deal execution process, allowing companies to focus on their core business activities.
  4. Flexibility: Hiring a freelance consultant provides companies with the flexibility to engage their services only when needed, helping manage costs effectively.
  5. Customization: Freelance consultants can tailor their approach to meet the specific needs and requirements of the company and the deal.

What do I need to make M&A deal execution successful?

To make M&A deal execution successful, you need to:

  1. Develop a clear M&A strategy that aligns with the company’s overall strategic objectives.
  2. Conduct thorough due diligence to identify potential risks, challenges, and opportunities.
  3. Negotiate favorable terms and conditions that maximize value for the involved parties.
  4. Establish a dedicated M&A team to oversee and manage the transaction process.
  5. Communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders to ensure alignment and support throughout the process.

How can a consultant help make M&A deal execution successful?

A consultant can contribute to the success of M&A deal execution by:

  1. Leveraging their expertise and experience to provide guidance on best practices, methodologies, and industry-specific knowledge.
  2. Conducting in-depth research and analysis to identify opportunities, challenges, and trends in the deal process.
  3. Assisting in the negotiation process to ensure favorable terms for the client.
  4. Supporting due diligence efforts, helping to identify and mitigate potential risks and challenges.
  5. Facilitating alignment and buy-in from key stakeholders, ensuring a shared understanding of the deal objectives and process.

What experience does an M&A deal execution consultant need?

An M&A deal execution consultant should have:

  1. A strong educational background in finance, business, or a related field.
  2. Demonstrable experience in managing M&A transactions, preferably in the relevant industry.
  3. Knowledge of industry-specific M&A trends, regulations, and best practices.
  4. A proven track record of successful deals and satisfied clients.
  5. Experience in using analytical tools and methodologies relevant to M&A deal execution.

What skillset does an M&A deal execution consultant need?

An M&A deal execution consultant should possess the following skillset:

  1. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills to evaluate complex data and market dynamics, identifying opportunities and challenges.
  2. In-depth knowledge of M&A processes, deal structuring, and valuation methodologies.
  3. Effective communication and negotiation skills to navigate the transaction process and ensure favorable outcomes.
  4. Project management skills to plan, organize, and execute the M&A transaction process within time and budget

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