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Fintalent.io is the global platform where M&A professionals connect. Build relationships, find projects and jobs, and team up with others to start your own advisory.
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How do other members leverage the community?

The #1 Platform for M&A Freelancers

Freelancing for buy-side M&A professionals and ex-investment bankers is still a new discipline. But we’ve been at it since 2019! Fintalent.io is home to more than 3000 former buy-side, sell-side and Private Equity professionals that are now working on freelance terms. Join the community to apply for exciting freelance projects for all seniorities and globally

Your next CorpDev team member might be on Fintalent.io

Fintalent.io is a globally active executive search partner in M&A, Corporate Development, and Private Equity. Through our talent community, leading and active Corporate Development divisions find their next full-time team members. Join the platform to find new permanent team members, freelancers, or just scout and join the conversation.

Going solo is lonely. Join a team and win larger accounts!

Fintalent.io is full of freelancers and part-time M&A professionals that want to join forces. No matter if you’re just considering going freelance or are a former MD that is looking for some extra hands, Fintalent.io is where you can tap into a community of vetted professionals to connect and build your own M&A advisory.

Your network is your net worth. Connect and engage with other M&A professionals.

Even if you’re not looking to go freelance or your next job: Fintalent.io is like Linkedin for the M&A, Corporate Finance and Strategy community. Find other interesting professionals to network with, exchange ideas, and meet up.

What our community says

Where our Fintalents come from

Private Equity

From Investment Manager to Director: Private Equity professionals can tap into a vast network of talent to build up opportunities for their fund and portfolio holdings.

Corporate Development & M&A

From M&A analyst to VP of Corporate Development: Corporate M&A professionals can meet freelancers and full-time hires on the platform.

M&A Advisories

M&A advisors an augment deals with part-time freelance talent from the Fintalent community, and build up their freelance pool.


M&A Freelancers can connect with others, build teams, and find exciting projects on the Fintalent community platform.

Investment Banking

Fintalent provides corporate and freelance exit opportunities to bulge bracket and elite boutique investment bankers.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers from talents

How does the application process work?

After you have applied, we will review your application as soon as possible. This can take up to 7 days in weeks of high demand, as we conduct a thorough screening.

After you’ve been approved, you have the opportunity to join a personal onboarding call.

What are the criteria to join Fintalent?

3+ years relevant professional experience in M&A, Private Equity, or Strategy.

Your profile needs to be completed within 24 hours

How much can I make as M&A freelancer?

This depends on geography, experience, and sector expertise. Once you get selected for a project, we will help you assign the appropriate rate. We also have created a salary guide that gives you a good indication for potential rates.

What is a neo boutique on Fintalent.io?

A neo boutique is a team of freelancers who collaborate and work together on projects, providing a comprehensive range of services and expertise to clients.

How does the project matching process work on Fintalent.io?

To participate in a project on Fintalent.io, you will need to apply first. We will then shortlist a selection of freelancers for the client. If you are shortlisted, the client can directly chat with you, schedule a call, and discuss project details before finalizing the engagement.

Do you offer full-time roles?

Through our platform, professionals get access to freelance work (part-time or full-time projects) and full-time, permanent roles.

I have applied but not heard back. What should I do?

If you haven’t heard back yet, your application hasn’t been reviewed yet. We sometimes receive hundreds of applications per week and vet every individual one very thoroughly.

What kind of clients does Fintalent work with?

Our clients range from multinational corporates to Private Equity portfolio holdings and ambitious scale-ups or well-funded ventures.

What does "invite-only" mean on Fintalent.io?

“Invite-only” refers to projects that are confidential in nature. We selectively invite freelancers to participate in these projects based on their skills and experience.

Can I participate in projects on Fintalent.io if I am employed full-time and not a freelancer?

While some smaller projects may be available for full-time employees, our platform generally prioritizes full-time freelancers for projects.

Do I need to register a business to work on freelance projects on Fintalent.io?

You must be able to issue invoices for your services. The specific requirements depend on your local legislation, so it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the regulations in your area.