M&A lead for complex carve-out for global industrials leader

We provided our client with M&A specialized support for a complex carve-out deal, leveraging our expertise in the industry.


Our client is a leading manufacturer of large-bore gas and diesel engines, as well as turbomachinery for various marine, rail, and stationary applications. Their products range from locomotive and marine propulsion systems to power plant applications and turbochargers. The company is a global player with a significant market share in the industry.

Our client approached us with a complex carve-out situation. The company had decided to divest a subsidiary that was no longer aligned with its long-term strategic goals. The subsidiary manufactured turbochargers for various applications and was a significant revenue contributor to the company. The carve-out involved separating the subsidiary’s operations, assets, and employees from the parent company.

The carve-out situation was complicated and presented several challenges. The subsidiary’s operations were intertwined with the parent company, making it challenging to separate them. There were also legal, financial, and regulatory implications to consider. The client needed expert advice and support to navigate the carve-out process seamlessly.


We provided our client with M&A specialized support, leveraging our expertise in the industry. Our team of professionals worked closely with the client to develop a comprehensive carve-out plan that addressed all the legal, financial, and regulatory aspects of the transaction. We provided guidance on the valuation of the subsidiary, the structuring of the deal, and the negotiation of the terms.

We also supported the client by providing them with due diligence advisors, who reviewed the subsidiary’s financial statements, legal contracts, and operational procedures. We helped identify potential risks and opportunities and provided recommendations to mitigate any risks.


Our support and expertise helped the client successfully complete the carve-out transaction. The subsidiary was separated from the parent company, and all legal, financial, and regulatory obligations were met. The client was able to realize the full value of the subsidiary and deploy the proceeds towards their long-term strategic goals.
Our M&A specialized support helped our client navigate a complex carve-out situation and achieve their strategic goals. We provided the expertise, guidance, and support necessary to complete the transaction seamlessly. Our client was satisfied with our services, and we continue to work with them on other M&A transactions.