Getting AdTech venture Bolderly ready for Funding

Bolderly wanted to get ready for their seed round. So they turned to Fintalent to help them with a talent that has seen both sides.


Bolderly, a German Adtech spinoff venture, wanted to raise funding. But despite a strong backing from their parent company, they didn’t feel that their structure, strategy, and product were ready to approach investors yet.


Fintalent’s professional helped Bolderly structure their strategy, structure, and pitch in order to be attractive for VC investors.

Because the Fintalent has experience in both buy-side and sell-side M&A, he could precisely pinpoint the shortcomings and strengths of the venture.


Juan and the team of Bolderly now feel comfortable in their strategy and structure to approach investors.

The impact of our Fintalent was profound: From strategy to hands-on execution, our talent really moved the needle for us. We now feel comfortable to approach our funding round.

Juan Monterrey, CEO Bolderly